The Matrix – Simulacra – Baudrillard – Fake War

Almost everybody seems to ‘understand’ The Matrix and the various esoteric and philosophical concepts explored within. How many know anything about Simulacra and Simulation, a book cited within the film? How many are familiar with its author, Jean Baudrillard? And how many are aware that the very same French philosopher wrote a book entitled ‘The Gulf War Did Not Take Place’?

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Simulacra & The Silverfox

You've seen The Matrix. You know that there are esoteric and/or 'hidden' messages contained within. You're aware that Neo's passport expires on September 11, 2001.

You understand that the 'follow the white rabbit' trope is employed in the film as is the now-cliched concept of 'taking the red pill'.

What if I told you that the rabbit hole goes much, much deeper than any of this? What if I could prove it to you?

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