Meta Fe

Regardless of one’s views about the shape and cosmology of the earth, there is plenty to be learned, and fun to be had, from careful study of the many zany characters of the Flat Earth ‘community’ which has taken the online ‘truth movement’ by storm since early 2015.

Meta Fe is a sporadically-scheduled interview/roundtable vodcast/podcast focused on the meta aspects of the ‘Flat Earth renaissance’ which has taken the ‘alternative media’ scene by storm since early 2015. Rather than petty debates about the shape of the earth, Meta Fe focuses on questions regarding the sociology and psychology of the Flat Earth scene: who is leading/following this online ‘movement’, and why? How do these people interact with one another, and are these social dynamics predictable? Where is this ‘movement’ headed, and what can it teach us about the ‘truth movement’ in general?

Are individuals like ‘Mark Sargent’, ‘Patricia Steere’ and ‘Math Powerland’ real people with real lives, or are they the clever creation of some unseen talent agency whose motive is to profit from a more ‘realistic’ type of reality TV? Or are they, as many conspiritards have asserted, intelligence assets whose missions is to undermine the ‘truth movement’ by mixing all other conspiracies with the ridiculous notion of Flat Earth? Regardless of intent, these characters have attracted a merry band of hapless lemmings who genuinely believe they are at the vanguard of a ‘movement’ which will ‘bring down NASA’, and the social dynamics at play make for fascinating viewing.

Four episodes of Meta Fe have already been broadcast live and received critical acclaim. These include three ‘pilot’ episodes plus the official season launch. Each is available in both video and mp3 audio and format.

Episode #0 | Sociology and Psychology of Flat Earth (25-Oct-2016) | 3 hours

Episode #00 | Are Flat Earth Leaders Psychopaths? (7-Nov-2016) | 3 hours

Episode #000 | Why Do FE Leaders Censor Skepticism? (14-Nov-2016) | 4 hours (audio split into two files)

Episode #1 | ‘As The Potato Turns’ (12-Dec-2016) | 2.5 hours