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Approaching Three Eleven

Can you believe it has been three years already since this officially began?

What are some of your favourite memories from those halcyon days of early Twenty Twenty?

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Approaching Three Eleven

Published: 10-Mar-2023


As you know, we have our 3/11 Grand Spectacular Mega Member Call coming up tomorrow.

So I’ve been looking back at some of the many ‘coincidences’ of the Three Eleven event.

Here’s a list of some of my favourites.

311 Band

Sarahhha brought this my attention via the JLB Member forum back in 2020.

There’s a band from Nebraska called 311, they enjoyed their biggest success in the 90s and early 2000s.

Take a look at the cover for their 2001 album ‘From Chaos’, which was released just a few months before 9/11.

Does it remind you of anything?

Now let’s take a look at the album artwork for their debut album, ‘Music’ (1993).


Those things in the background look like sunflowers to me.

They also look a little bit like coronas…

Now let’s consider 311’s third studio album, entitled ‘311’.

There’s nothing particularly interesting to me about the artwork.

What does seem remarkable is the lead single, which happens to be the eleventh track, ‘Don’t Stay Home’.

Remember that this is the eleventh track on the their third album.

The song includes the following lyrics:

Life could slip away in absent-minded numbnessI’m only sayin’ this ’cause I wish for the bestWhen you always stay in self-incarcerationI think it’s such a shame
Don’t stay home this time, no, don’t stay home, oh
You might also be interested to know that this album was released on July 7.

Then take a look at the album artwork for ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ (2005).

And now let’s take a look at the album artwork for their 11th album, Stereolithic (2014).

An All-Seeing Eye in ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ and a Twin Tower-evoking centrepiece on ‘Stereolithic’.

For a band named 311, whose third album, entitled 311, has an eleventh track named ‘Don’t Stay Home’.

Dr Creep’s ‘Pandemic’

While we’re on the topic of music-related syncs, who can forget Dr Creep’s 2013 track ‘Pandemic’?

The lyrics include:

The virus is harvesting, what do you mean H7N3?
Begin life in a lab in the first war of vaccines
Million die in the first week in the pandemic dreams
Reality, black death, smallpox, mutated disease
Flu-shot propaganda for all population and troops

2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking

2020, coronavirus, propaganda, vaccines all get a mention.

Even the ‘lab leak’ theory is seemingly alluded to…


Season 3 Episode 11 is named ‘The Alternate Side’.

Jerry’s car is stolen, Elaine’s new boyfriend is an old man who suffers a stroke, George becomes a car parker, Kramer is an extra in a Woody Allen film.

Elaine’s boyfriend’s name is Owen March.

George begins his job next Wednesday.

He is told specifically: ‘Not this Wednesday, next Wednesday’.

Naturally I wanted to find out, what day was March 11 of 2020?

Go on, guess: What day of the week was MARCH 11?

Indeed. Wednesday. The second Wednesday of March.

If you watch the episode you’ll note that there is a specific emphasis on the ‘next Wednesday’ gag.

Not this Wednesday, next Wednesday!


Season 3 Episode 11 is named ‘Revelations’.

This episode revolves around a role reversal between Mulder and Scully: the skeptic becomes the believer, the believer becomes the skeptic.

The episode aired on Dec 15, 1995, or 12 15 1995, which when added together, equal…

Thirty three.

It turns out that a billionaire mad man is trying to kill a christ-like child because this is a ‘battle between good and evil’.

The billionaire mad-man’s name is Simon Gates.

At the end of the episode, previously-skeptical Scully finds herself in a confessional, wondering if god is listening.

The priest tells her that ‘sometimes we must come full circle to find the truth’.

Revelations 3:11

Now is a good time consider what the Good Book has to say about 3 11 in Revelations.

Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

Crown, aye?

What does google have to say about the meaning of ‘corona’?

“A part of the body resembling or liked to a crown”


Season 3 Episode 11 is named ‘Collateral Damage’.

The episode centers on the abduction of a young lady by a man wearing a mask…

[Image: Millennium-Collateral-Damage.jpg]

Who plans to contaminate her with a ‘pathogen’.

[Image: Millennium-Collateral-Damage-2.jpg]

According to google, a ‘pathogen’ is:

a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease.

Larry Crowne (2011)

Tom Hanks plays Larry Crowne who is given a new name by his classmate, ‘Lance Corona’.

When Larry doesn’t turn up to class one day, somebody suggests that ‘maybe he got the flu’.

That person is wearing a cape and fang teeth as he makes his flu suggestion, evoking the idea of a bat.

There’s also a couple of 311 references in the film.

When Larry’s teacher’s husband is arrested and Larry takes her home, they ride past a house numbered 3110.

When Larry helps his teacher with her navigation device, it is displaying a time of 11:03am.

Hanks’ Golden Globes speech

At the 2020 Golden Globes, Hanks won the Cecil B DeMille award and gave a widely-publicised, ’emotional’ speech.

He explained some of his philosophies about the craft of film-making, and stated:

“Sometimes it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, and sometimes it’s 11 o’clock at night, and you just have to somehow put it all together, have faith in what the process is, and go there.”

Three in the morning, or eleven at night.

The Hanks Corona Syncs

This goes way further than I can do justice in this brief post.

Check out the following audio / video presentations to see how far this rabbit holes goes…

JLBA #93 – Cracking the Hanks Corona Code (7-Oct-2022)

The Crowne Odyssey

JLBA #94 – The Crowne Odyssey (11-Oct-2022)

JLBA #95 – Three in the Morning (18-Oct-2022)

Come and celebrate Three Eleven tomorrow

Maybe ‘celebrate’ isn’t quite the right word.

Or maybe it is.

We had plenty of fun for last year‘s Three Eleven Grand Spectacular Mega Member Call, and I’m sure we’ll do likewise this year.

Membership has been temporarily reopened from today (March 10) until tomorrow morning.

It will re-close tomorrow and may reopen at some point in the future (perhaps for September 11).

While Membership remains open, you can join in seconds via this page.

Hope to see you at the Member Call tomorrow ūü•≥

Post #138. Published 10-Mar-2023. 1,000 words. Available publicly.

One thought on “Approaching Three Eleven

  • Love it, great post.

    The memories I get reading this.

    I recall discovering some of these in real time when we were all locked down.

    It was surreal, as I genuinely feel that I/we were getting a glimpse at something greater than this world.

    Like a sneak peak at how this realm operates.

    Streams of information appearing, all infused with the 311 code.

    How this information was disclosing itself from decades previous, was almost like a higher mind experience.

    In my opinion there is a watchmaker, who or what that is I have no idea.
    But there is design in the world stage, that is an observable fact.

    The rabbit hole is deep.

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