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Upcoming Member Calls — King Razz and General Maddox

The Sometimes Record series has been a runaway success and will only continue to get better.

This post is an update on upcoming calls.

Upcoming Call with King Razz — Locked In

On Thursday 14-May-2020 we’ll be chatting with new Member King Razz from Estonia.

This is a great call time for Australians, and also for Europeans who have the day off work.

What does King Razz want to discuss? Here is what he wrote in the JLB Discord server:

1. Dreams Vs Reality – How does one discern what’s real?

2. Death and Afterlife?

3. The Gender Agenda – How did men become so weak and women get so much power?

The first two topics fit in perfectly with my planned release of MDC S2 E14 ‘Waking Life’ early next week.

If you haven’t yet seen Waking Life (2001) by Richard Linklater, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

As for the third topic proposed by King Razz, well…

Update 27-May-2020

This call went ahead as Sometimes Record #24.

Sometimes Record #24 | Sync Trippin (14-May-2020)

Upcoming Call with the General — postponed

We’ll be chatting with General Maddox from Real News Australia on Wednesday 20-May-2020.

Postponed as of 19-May-2020. New time and date TBA.
Update 27-May-2020: Now penciled in for Wednesday, March 3.

Here are two of the General’s recent podcasts on the coronavirus scam and the vaccine agenda:

General Knowledge Podcast S2E12 ‘Track & Trace Covid Bonds’ (14-Apr-2020)

General Knowledge Podcast S2E11 ‘#CoronaHoax’ (30-Mar-2020)

And here’s my first chat with the General as part of the Australian Roundtable Podcast all the way back in 2015 (how time flies).

Upcoming Calls — Potential / in the works

I’m in communication with the following individuals trying to organise call times for later in May:

1) Lawrence Wright (our first call attempt suffered major technical difficulties)

Update 27-May-2020: This call went ahead as Sometimes Record #26.

2) Martin Liedtke (our first call attempt a few months ago fell through)

3) Negentropic (we haven’t heard from him on a call since MSC #06 more than two years ago)

Already Recorded — Coming soon

I have already edited and uploaded SR #11 with the Reverend ND. I’ll publish it later today.

I’m halfway through editing MDC S2E14 ‘Waking Life’ with Hilly. I’ll publish it in a few days time.

Next on my list is MSC #25 ‘Brave New World’ which I will edit and publish next week.

This is all in line with what I forecast in the one-hour April Madness presentation.

Upcoming Calls — Your suggestions

It was MrNatural‘s idea to organise a Call, which led to Sometimes Record #23.

It was King Razz‘s idea to organise a Call, which will lead to Sometimes Record #24.

If you would like to schedule a call, let me know (preferably via email), and we will pencil in a time and date.

I’ll then make a post about it for the site so that if others want to join us, they can do so.

If more people join the call, then great, if not, no problem, it’ll just be you and I chatting about whatever it is you want to discuss.

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