Member Skype #16 Warmup – Psychedelic Drugs

Call now published and available here.

This is the warmup thread for Member Skype Call #16, which will be focused on the topic of ‘psychedelic drugs’.

We spent a little bit of time discussing the same topic, in impromptu fashion, on Member Skype Call #13.

During that chat, and in the Member Skype Call topic suggestion thread, I got the impression that this is a topic which is close to many peoples hearts…

So let’s get the conversation going.

What are your opinions on ‘psychedelic drugs’?

Do you promote or condone their use? Or do you caution others against their use? Or have you no opinion one way or another?

Have you read Jan Irvin’s ‘Entheogens: What’s in a Name‘ paper? If so, what did you make of it?

Do you believe the ‘Hoffman discovered LSD and went for a bicycle ride’ story? Do you want to believe?

Have you ever wondered why clowns like Joe Rogan are suddenly promoting ‘ayahuasca’? Do you believe these ‘ceremonies’ are thousands of years old?

If you were in charge, would these drugs be legal and easily accessible? What would you foresee as the outcome of your preferred legal/social approach to drugs?

I’ll elaborate on my own position on these questions and more, later in the week.

For now I look forward to reading what you guys have to say.

Remember that anybody who is willing to do some planning before the call is welcome to put their hand up to lead the discussion.

Posted Tuesday, 14-Apr-2018

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