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Member Discord Calls – Ideas

In the most recent Member Video — Crossing the Sync Bridge — I spent a little bit of time reflecting on the Member Calls and what I am hoping to achieve with the Open House format.

The basic points I made were as follows:

*The Open House format is designed to encourage panel members to introduce their own topics and ‘lead the conversation’ for a segment.

*Some Members have taken this opportunity and done an excellent job: for just one example, TNG led the conversation on ‘Mud Flood’ during OH #16. He introduced the topic, gave an overview of it, and got the conversation going.

That is all it takes:

‘Here’s what I want to talk about,
here’s why I want to talk about it,
here’s some background information,
here’s some questions or things to think about’

…and away we go! It is that easy.

*Recently I have received feedback that some people would prefer to have the topics planned ahead, as was the case for the second half of the Member Skype Call series.

*In the aftercall of last weekend’s MDC we brainstormed some topics for future calls.

Here are the topics which were suggested (with the individuals who suggested each topic in brackets):

1) ‘Technology and the Future’ (Original Simulant)

What is ‘data’? What is ‘privacy’? what is electricity? The history of technology, etc

2) Lifting and Training (Salzburg Gold)

Physical (and mental) improvement via exercise and nutrition

3) ‘The Nature of Water’ (Chad, BCNU)

Incl water treatment such as filtration, distillation, etc

4) ‘Freemasonry’ (Original Simulant)

5) Following Passions (Jacobius Wrex)

6) Magick (Jacobius Wrex)

In each case above, the individual(s) who suggested the topic agreed to lead that conversation during the relevant Call. Ideally, anybody who turns up to a Call for which the topics are set and promoted ahead of time, will arrive at the Call with their own thoughts or ideas or research ready to share (since they will have had time to prepare).

The person who leads the conversation will therefore only have to get things going, from which point the conversation should flow freely, because all of the participants will have something to say before we even hit ‘record’.

In the comment section below, I would like to open things up and give everybody a chance to add more topics to the list. Please only add topics which you would personally be happy to lead the conversation for. Otherwise, you are simply asking me (or the rest of the panel) to speak about topic X/Y/Z, which is antithetical to the entire point of these Calls.

I’m trying to encourage you to come along to the Calls to share your point of view and/or ideas and/or research. I am not asking for extra things to speak about myself. I have an almost infinite list of things to speak about already. These Member Calls are supposed to be about you, the Members, and your interests, whereas I can record and upload my own thoughts on any topic whenever I feel like it.

I’ll leave this post up for a few days, and once we have arrived at a final list of topics, I will try to put together a schedule for the next few weeks. If you make a suggestion, please also indicate which weeks you are available to participate in the Call (and/or which weeks will not work for you). If you are unable to participate in any Calls, then please do not make any topic suggestions. At the risk of belaboring the point, I am not asking you to suggest topics for me (or for other people) to speak about, I am asking you to put forward topics which you can and will speak about yourself if given the chance.

Remember that whoever ‘leads a conversation’ does not have to host the entire Call. Far from it. You just have to get the conversation going, that’s all. And remember that for each predetermined topic, the Call will only attract people who actually want to discuss that topic, so once the conversation gets going, you won’t have to do anything other than share your thoughts.

Let’s see which topics people are interested in discussing…

REMEMBER: No Member Call this weekend (26/27 January). We will resume the Calls the weekend following (i.e. 2/3 Feb).

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20 thoughts on “Member Discord Calls – Ideas

  • Take No Gnosis

    I will suggest as a topic, “The creation of reality”.
    Why do I want to talk about this? Because this subject keeps getting touched on but not explored. If us as living souls are actually creating everything with our very thoughts then we are literally gods and what do we do with this power? We give it away.
    Belief systems, hoaxes, blurry lines between real and fiction. There is a very large industry thriving today based on this very subject, thought creates reality.One of the leading proponents of this is Rhonda Byrne an attractive Aussie lady who has a, “SECRET”. Again this is something I have delved into since 2006 and while I can say there is inconsistencies with the methods, there maybe something to all this.

  • But what, or Who, created your thoughts? Where did the thought that you personally should even have thoughts come from and who thought your thoughts ought to be what reality emerges from? And why your thoughts? Why not sneezing? Or ejaculating onto a rock? Or taking a dump? Those things are just as equally unique to you as your own thoughts. Why couldn’t one of them be what you formed reality by?

    • Take No Gnosis

      Ejaculating onto a rock? I believe that one is most likely only unique to you lol
      I can honestly state I have never contemplated that one…..

      • Oh no not me man, it was Atum who created the world by jacking off on rock. One creation story in the ancient Egypt history-hoax says:

        It appears the word ‘Benben’ has its origin in the self-created copulating universal God, Atum’s, act of masturbation with his ‘hand’ after being bored and thus creating the cosmos. The masturbating ‘hand’ of Atum is symbolic of the feminine/mother God which was needed to form the universe. The Benben Stone epitomizes the polarity of male and female in accordance with the laws of the universe being that it embodied the supreme godly union between the Universal/Heavenly Father and the Universal/Earthly Mother. In the ancient Egyptian epic, it was Atum as the Universal/Heavenly Father in serpent form, and Isis (Auset) as the Universal/Earthly Mother Who’s Womb was the Benben Stone.”

        I like how this person believes it’s ‘symbolic of the feminine/mother’ to Jack off using your hand. Then the crap about the stone symbolizing the polarity between yada yada. Who really looks at a rock some hobo just blew a load on and says it’s reminiscent of the ‘supreme godly union’ anyway?

        This next one is the BEST though, it purports to be Atums creation hymn from the ‘ancient texts’ themselves:

        When I first began to create,
        When I alone was planning and designing many creatures,
        I had not sneezed Shu the wind,
        I had not spat Tefnut the rain.
        There was not a single living creature.
        I planned many living creatures;
        All were in my heart, and their children and their grandchildren.
        Then I copulated with my own fist.
        I masturbated with my own hand.
        I ejaculated into my own mouth.”

    • Take No Gnosis

      Where does thought come from? If this call happens I seriously hope you will join in with this one with questions like that.

  • ShadowTiger

    Off the top of my head, here are some suggestions.

    A return to Film Analysises : “They Live”, “Fight Club” & “Donnie Darko” are at the top of my list, but the list is endless.
    Time Travel.
    The syncs surrounding the supposed death of Princess Di.
    Protocols of the Elders of Zion..Real or a Hoax.

    I’ll add to the list…

    • We will definitely recommence Film Analysis Calls soon. Once I am set up in my new home base (either Thailand or Bulgaria) I will launch the first official season of a podcast dedicated to that purpose.

      They Live, Fight Club and Donnie Darko are all right at the top of my own favourites list.

      As for Princess Di and the Protocols, are these topics for which you will be happy to lead the discussion?

  • Take No Gnosis

    ShadowTiger, Didn’t Princess Di change roles to Theresa May?
    Time travel? There is only now!

  • ShadowTiger

    TNG. Is that a Dallas Goldbug theory, Di and May being played by the same actress? Anything is possible.

  • Take No Gnosis

    It is indeed a Dallas Goldbug theory and one that gave me much amusement as it actually seemed plausible unlike his free energy devices

  • Take No Gnosis

    Following on from that I am yet to find a photo of JLB’s ears to check if he is indeed Jim Carrey…..

  • Permaculturehill

    I want to talk about Permaculture: How I am using it to build the life I want, and why I think anyone can use it to improve their own life.

  • theportlandthinker

    Neuro-linguistic plasticity of the brain. Do our brains change based on the narrative we tell ourselves? Does a concerted effort at positive thinking produce concrete positive results in a life? For me, attitude has been everything. I used to be a negative Nihilist, ACT-realm paranoid, fearful, fap-addicted SOB, then I took a deep breath, a hard look at the story of my sadness, and simply changed the way I thought, and now, 5 years later, I’m a fundamentally different person having a fundamentally different, and more enjoyable, experience of existence. I’ve bought the Pollyanna farm. Being positive has helped me endure difficulties, has buoyed my courage. Being positive has helped me to see the positive in the normies, has even helped me be an enjoyer of normies. Of course, I’d never expect skeptical thinking from a normie, who would? What does it mean subjectively that changing our thoughts, our narratives, unleashes so much power? These are philosophical, metaphysical, spiritual concerns, my favorite topics. Thank you all for making me less lonely, for showing me evidence (in your own subjective comments) that solipsism (the belief that I am the only one) holds no justification 😀

  • ShadowTiger

    Georgia Guidestones would be another interesting topic for discussion. Who funded it? Analysis on each stone. And especially in regards to the ‘Population Hoax’.

    A funny side note on population.

    Growing up in Canada in the 80’s, I have a keen recollection of Canada having 1/10th the number of people of the United States. The numbers I remember from this period was approximately 36 million & 350 million respectively. I always had a knack for remembering stuff like this that most others didn’t care about.

    I am looking up the current numbers:

    USA 2018 326,766,748
    Canada 2018 37,058,856

    Is my memory faulty?

  • Take No Gnosis

    ShadowTiger could the difference be the number of US citizens that have been spirited to Walmart FEMA camps lol

    • ShadowTiger

      lol – I’ll call Alex Jones and get his professional opinion on the matter – lol

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