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Member Discord Call – Join the Fun

Tomorrow (Wednesday) myself and WatermanChris will be chatting in the JLB Discord server.

You are invited to join us, either to listen live, or even better, participate in the conversation.

Most of the first hour will be dedicated to topics related to off-grid living, homesteading, permaculture, and so forth.

Those of you who have seen WC’s posts in the Life House channel on discord will know that he is well on the way to finishing his own family ‘compound’.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.

Then in the second (and third?) hour I expect the conversation will open up and anything will be on the table.

For me personally, I’m looking forward to chatting about topics such as PAWU, qwertycoder’s ‘Away From Keyboard’ theory, some recent syncs, and maybe even some general ‘muh coronas’ reflections.

It has been 18 months now. With no end in sight.

I’d love to know how people are seeing things, how they are holding up, what they might have planned, and so on.

It is one thing to type back and forth in a text chat, but a very different thing to speak in a call.

I know it is a during the middle of work day (US time) and many of you will be busy, especially on such short notice.

But if a few people could join myself and WC for the call, that would be terrific.

If not, I’m sure he and I will have plenty to talk about amongst ourselves — including more than a little ‘inside baseball’.

I don’t know anybody on this site who pays the rest of the media fakery realm as much attention as I do, other than WC.

Anyhow, here’s when the call is scheduled to begin:

In case the image above is not clear enough, we’re beginning at midday New York time, which is 7pm for me here in Plovdiv.

I apologise to my antipodean brothers and sisters; there is no way to make a call suit Europe (where I am currently located), north America (where most of the Members of this site are located), and Australia…

If enough Aussies are interested, we can organise a time for a Member Call soon. It would be cool to hear from you. We could go for my late morning, which would be evening in Australia (and our Seppo friends would miss out because it would be in the middle of their night).

For now, we’ll see how tomorrow goes, and then make plans from there.

It has been a long time since the Member Calls were a regular fixture on this site, and as with everything else, if the interest is there, I’m happy to try to make things happen.

Hope to see you there tomorrow, but if not, the call should be available within 24 hours to download or stream.



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