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Member Call Next Saturday (July 1)

Time for Season 3, Episode 33.

This deserves to be a good one. Perhaps even an all-time classic.

So much to discuss.

The S3 E32 has only received two comments so far, maybe some folks are still digesting the black pill discussion from that one.

John le Bon and friends discuss Dark Humour.

If there is interest in doing so, we can continue that conversation from S3 E32 for S3 E33.

Then again, maybe we’ve been prescribing and consuming enough black pills around here lately.

By next week the news cycle may have already moved on from the OceanGate sub story.

However I would still be interested to hear your thoughts on that one.

Especially if I manage to get my own written piece about the OceanGate syncs published beforehand.

July 1 happens to be when the reddit API changes take effect…

Reddit's API changes will harm redditisfun and apollo

I know that only a minority of us here at jlb dot com use reddit regularly or care much about the platform.

As I explained in ‘Reddit’s suicide mission’, reddit has played a large role in my own journey, both online and ‘in real life’.

I for one would be interested to hear the thoughts of any interlocutors who might be interested in the reddit API story.

Also, there has been some developments concerning former mods of the conspiracyNOPOL subreddit…

John le Bon explains the clown world

Most folks at jlb dot com probaby consider themselves above the drama, or simply don’t care about it.

That’s fair enough.

Some of us however are ‘truth movement’ / ‘media fakery’ addicts and what has occurred regarding NOPOL is kinda of a big deal in this little corner of the internet.

Maybe we will talk about it for S3 E33, maybe we won’t. Depends on who turns up to the call and what they want to discuss.

Corona is over. I think we are all (finally) accepting of this fact now. It’s done.

The first episode of S3 of the MDC series was recorded on August 11, 2021.

Member Discord Call Season 3 Episode 0 Compound Interest

So much has happened since then.

After S3 E33, we’ll be taking a break from the MDC format.

The gap between the final episode of S2, and the first episode of S3, was over 18 months.

That is largely because we moved to a new format, ‘Sometimes Record’, for 2020.

Perhaps we’ll do something similar this time around i.e. return with a new format, something different from MDC.

I’m not sure.

But if you enjoy the idea of chatting with people from around the world who are interested enough in skepticism to support a place jlb dot com, then I encourage you to come along on Saturday the 1st of July.

It will probably be our last Member Call (or anything like it) for a little while.

And I will ensure that I have a quiet night on the Friday so that I can be there bright and early and full of energy on Saturday morning.

Hope to see you there!

Call 1 (Suits Australasia)

Remember that these are just the nominal start times.
You are welcome to come along later, no problems ūüėé

Call 2 (suits America)


If you need a fresh invite, just email me at johnlebon123 gmail

Hope to see you this weekend ūüôŹ

One thought on “Member Call Next Saturday (July 1)

  • “Then again, maybe we‚Äôve been prescribing and consuming enough black pills around here lately.”

    i don’t see any new scripts or dispensers from the pharmacy.

    perhaps a renewal of prepartum medicine? : )

    nonetheless, i do like seeing the new thumbnails whenever a member call is published.

    and look forward to another Sometimes Record season – or new series/format altogether!

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