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Let’s Discuss the PZP Question

Have you heard about the PZP vaccine?

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The PZP Vaccine – Your Thoughts?

Published 29-Nov-2021


About two weeks ago, some information was shared on both r/conspiracy and /pol/ concerning the apparent similarities between a ‘PZP vaccine’ for horses, and the ‘coronavirus vaccine’ for humans.

In the time since then I have published several pieces — some written, some audio / video — concerning this matter here at johnlebon dot com.

Unfortunately my latest youtube upload was kyboshed by youtube and my channel received a strike.

I then uploaded that video to my separate, non-youtube video host, and I’ll embed it below for those of you who might be interested.

Banned video

My questions for you

I want to ask you for your opinions on the PZP Question.


i) How much do you know about this PZP thing?

ii) Do you believe the coronavirus vaccine may indeed be designed to sterilise the masses?

Here is one of several threads on r/conspiracy which appeared about two weeks ago:

‘I have a feeling this anon is correct and this is the real reason for the boosters’

If you take the time to read through that thread, and then look further into some of the information and connections presented, I suspect you will arrive at a similar conclusion to myself.

My own research

For those of you who are not yet Members of this site, I will send some of my material on this topic to you via the free JLB Mailing List in the coming days.

In light of my youtube channel’s most recent strike, it is more important that ever to utilise backup solutions such as mailing lists, to ensure that important information can still be shared, even if / when the cancel culture ‘sword of damocles’ is dropped on my youtube channel.

If you are already a Member of this site, then I hope you enjoy the recent material I have published on the PZP Question.

Even if you disagree with my conclusions, you’ll be able to see where I’m coming from, you’ll be able to follow the research I have done and the reasons why I now believe the PZP issue is so important.

It ties in with the esoteric and synchromystic analyses I have previously published on the broader topics of coronavirus and depopulation.

For example, the TV show Utopia (2013) and the ‘Aschen’ episodes from Stargate SG-1 (circa 2000 / 2001).

The youtuber known as ‘Russianvids’ helped popularise the expression, ‘truth in the movies, lies in the news’, and if this PZP thing is what I think it is, then this expression looks even more accurate now than ever before.

Below I will list and outline some of my recent PZP-related material.

PZP-related Content

The ‘PZP’ Question is concerned with the idea that the jibby jabs are suspiciously similar to the PZP ‘vaccine’ used to sterilise horses.

I first spoke about this in I Was Only Nineteen.

Then I took an esoteric view of the topic by way of an analysis of Utopia (2013) in Utopia Reflections.

An email from much-loved (but relatively quiet) JLB Member, Ravi, led me to produce a more substantial video / podcast looking at this PZP ‘vaccine’, in Can They Really Do That?

Can they really do that?

This was followed by a philosophical reflection on the ‘vaccines as sterilising agents’ concept, aided by my good friend Nate from Illinois (aka Johnny Litterbags), in Utopian Visions.

And with the recent news about a ‘mutant strain’ of the virus, I took a look at the symbolic significance of this ‘Omicron’ terminology in Oh My Kron.


Independent media

As I explained earlier, all of this material available right now to Members of this site, and some of it will soon be sent to everybody on the free JLB Mailing List.

I know some folks criticise me for not making all of my work free to everybody, and that’s okay, I can handle the criticism.

The reality is that a site like this costs money to host.

Youtube won’t host this material for free, it is far too controversial, hence the strikes I receive for merely broaching the important topics.

Moreover, the time which goes into this kind of research is time which most people will never put into it.

Most people have better things to do than to read through obscure scientific papers, watch boring scientific presentations, so on and so forth.

I put the time into this research because there are about 100 Members around the world who support what I do.

In return for their support, the Members get first access to all new material, their name in the credits, and an invite to the exclusive JLB Discord server where we discuss the kinds of topics in which most people reading these words right now are keenly interested.

If you are an existing Member, then once again I would like to thank you for supporting independent research and content creation.

If you are not yet a Member, you can learn more about the benefits of joining on this page.


1) I hope you will consider researching the PZP issue for yourself.

The thread on reddit is an excellent place to start (LINK)

Once you have looked into the matter, I would like to get your thoughts on this topic.

2) My own research goes much further than the reddit thread.

My articles and audio / video presentations (listed above) are available to Members right now.

If you are not yet a Member of the site, make sure you are on the free JLB Mailing List.

I’ll be sending some of this material out to the Mailing List in the coming days.

Post #119. Published 29-Nov-2021. 1,000 words. Publicly available.

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  • Well done JLB, this is really good work. Thankyou for the effort. I don’t know how i feel about it all just yet, but initially while going through your work i felt a massive wave of relief… weird.

  • I feel like I should mention that the PZP horse video came up twice in my youtube searches within the last 12 months. I’m very surprised it had so little views (700ish when you posted about it). Once I was searching wild horses, because I had seen a beautiful film regarding wild white horses and I wasn’t sure wild horses were even a thing. In my mind I was surprised that wild horses even existed. I thought they would pretty much be entirely domesticated since they would need a lot of space to be free.
    The second time was when I was looking up how to deal with Kangaroos on farmland. Either way I was very surprised to this very video becoming important on this website. Wish I had paid more attention and not skimmed through it. Twice…..

    I think it’s unlikely that the jibbies are saline. Why bother hoodwinking humankind for 70-80years. There is definitely a purpose.

  • Where the fuck did Oz, get its horses from?

    Did the British transport them:

    24,000 kms,

    By ship?

    Over 250 days?

    Or whatever.

    % even turning: wild

    Pure; Horse shit!

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