Let’s Discuss The Matrix

Why is Neo’s passport set to expire on September 11, 2001?

Was Cypher really the bad guy in this film?

What is it with red pills and white rabbits?

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Let’s Discuss The Matrix

Published: 8-Nov-2019

Call time


That is the time for the Call with myself and the legendary fuhng from Chicago, who nominated this time.

I’m also happy to set aside an earlier block for another Call if anybody would like to discuss The Matrix but can’t be there for fuhng Call.

My hot topics

I’ll update this post tomorrow with some of my favourite scenes from the film, and the kinds of questions I’d like to discuss on the Call(s) this weekend.

Off the top of my head, here’s some of the angles I’ll probably go with:

i) Was Cypher really the bad guy?

-> He didn’t know what he was getting himself in for. Was he misled? Is it wrong to try to wake people up if it might make them worse off?

ii) The White Rabbit motif and ‘tumbling down the rabbit hole’

-> In Alice in Wonderland, the protagonist chases a rabbit down a hole. We see white rabbits in Twelve Monkeys, we see a white rabbit in this film. The white rabbit is ‘late for a very important date’. What might we late for?

iii) Most of these people are not yet ready to be unplugged

-> ‘They are part of the system and that makes them our enemy’. Are the moronic masses really our responsibility? Are you or I on the same ‘side’ as the blue-pilled normies? Is the conspiracy subculture kind of like one big cult trying to recruit new, naive people into its ranks?

iv) The Wachowskis and what happened next

-> Goodness gracious…

v) Simulation, Simulacrum, The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

JLB1813 – The Matrix – Simulacra – Baudrillard – War Fakery (9-Feb-2018)

-> What did Baudrillard mean by this? War is a Hoax, period? Nobody died nobody got hurt?

What do you want to discuss?

If you plan to be at the Call, what kinds of angles or topics would you like to go with?

If you can’t make it to the Call but have an angle or question you’d like us to discuss, post your thoughts here.

Worth Noting

In my Ego Trip Framework, I explained that The Matrix — namely the scene where Morpheus explains everything to Neo, and where that scene was filmed ‘in real life’ — syncs with my own path through the ACT realm in an uncanny way.

Article #52 – The Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework (24-May-2019)

Post #65 published 8-Nov-2019. 500 words. Available publicly.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss The Matrix

  • 09-November-2019 at 10:11 am

    thank you for making this post! really looking forward to discussing The Matrix – if it’s not the primary template for countless, gnostic-flavored, ‘conspiracy LARPs’ of our day, then i’d like to examine any claim of a superior ‘model.’

    i’m gonna try to re-watch the entire trilogy (yes, even the latter two movies) ahead of the call, since – especially with summat #07’s comments bouncing around me head – i hope to discuss the bio-technological apotheosis portrayed in Matrix Revolutions that caps off the journey started in The Matrix:

    but i shall prioritize finishing JLB’s test/warm-up/preview, in case time is of the essence, and in order to try staying on point!

  • 11-November-2019 at 2:24 am

    I’ll be in the minority and say that I’ve never liked this movie, and have never been able to sit through it in it’s entirety. I think I’ve managed to see the whole thing in bits and pieces over the years, however.

    To me it’s a perfect example of the conspiracy ego trip.
    The main character, bored with his mundane existence, gets catapulted into a scenario where he must save humanity.
    There is nothing about this character that would seem to make him “worthy” of such a role. He is simple the chosen one. And once he believes that and downloads his kung fu abilities, he becomes our invincible hero.

    I remember laughing out loud when after all the philosophy and zen, the ultimate solution to winning the battle with the agents is “guns… lot’s of guns”.
    And then the never ending, slow motion shootout scene in the lobby.
    Why guns? Why not spit balls or a boomerang that wipes out 50 agents at once? How about a spirited game of rock/paper/scissors? It’s the fucking Matrix, people! Anything is possible… let’s get creative!

    It just seems ludicrous that a movie that tries so hard to be “deep” resorts to a such a mundane action movie style climax.
    But at least the slow motion cartwheels were cool.

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