Kiwi6 Problem

Just a quick update regarding the podcast/audio situation with regards to Kiwi6.

The tl;dr is this: As of next week, I will be moving the Member-only podcasts to a new, better, more-expensive-but-totally-worth-it hosting solution.

UPDATE 27-Nov-2018 – See this post for the latest information.

Thanks to those of you who have emailed me and left comments on this site to let me know that the Kiwi6 files were not working for you.

The truth is that Kiwi6 has been awesome value over the past 18 months, even if they have apparently lost the plot of late. At first I used their free hosting service, then when I reached the free limit, I became a paying customer, but even then, we are talking chump change: they charge USD $10 a month or something. That is practically nothing for the service they provide(d).

There are far more professional solutions out there, and outlets like THC and Occulture use one in particular: Libsyn.*

*Update 27-Nov-2018: I have since learned that THC in fact uses Blubrry. More on that in this post.

I have already contacted Libsyn to see if they can accommodate my intention to transfer the archive material to their service in short order. Libsyn have a relatively low monthly data allowance, which in theory will make it difficult to transfer the entire back-catalogue to them, but I’m confident that they will be able to work something out for me.

The beauty of Libsyn is that they have both an embedded player (the thing you click to stream from the website) AND a download option rolled into one. For the past few months I have been using Kiwi6 as the download option and MixCloud as the stream option (because MixCloud do not allow downloading, they only provide the player).

For a long time I held off on moving (upgrading) to Libsyn because of their higher cost, but thanks to the recent growth of the Membership of this site, I can now easily justify that cost increase.

The only reason why I am not taking care of the transfer before next week is that I am currently busy with both the Dinoskeptic film and the admin issues which arise with a new influx of Members. By next week I will be free to take care of the tedious work of transferring the archive material to Libsyn (or whichever hosting service I end up with).

I apologise once again to those of you who have been frustrated by the Kiwi6 problems, but don’t worry, by this time next week, it will be sorted.

You will be able to stream OR download all of the Member-only podcasts — and if Libsyn come to the party, you will be able to download AND/OR stream from the same player.

In the meantime, remember that there are a tonne of publicly-available podcasts available to download or stream via Podbean. See this page.

You might be wondering, if Podbean offer both streaming AND downloading, why not use them for the Member-only podcasts, too? Because they don’t offer private/unlisted upload options. Lol.

Kiwi6: Streaming AND downloading AND private/unlisted, but unreliable (recently unusable) — you get what you pay for

MixCloud: Excellent streaming AND private/unlisted BUT no downloading

Podbean: Excellent streaming AND downloading BUT no private/unlisted

Libsyn: Excellent streaming AND downloading AND private/unlisted (but relatively pricey)

I am sharing all of the above for those who might be interested. None of it necessarily affects you, but some Members seem to be interested in seeing how the broader JLB operation ‘works’, or why I do (or do not do) certain things with the site/operation. I am constantly learning about technical elements and topics I would not have had any reason to learn about, were it not for this site. Hopefully the information above gives readers of this post, especially the newer Members of the site, an insight into why the Kiwi6 problem has occurred in the first place.

Please note that this is not an appeal for more funds to cover the hosting. Far from it. The recent influx of new Members has meant that this site now generates more revenue than I need to cover ALL hosting costs (audio / video / website / domain / other) and allow me to live a decent life in SE Asia / Eastern Europe / South America and work on this site full-time (no normie job required).^

^I will be finishing up at my current normie job at the end of February. More on this in a later post.

In other words, simply by being a Member of this site, you have already covered the cost of moving the archive material to Libsyn.

So thank you! Libsyn (or alternative solution if Libsyn won’t accommodate us) here we come!

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