Australia is running out of toilet paper due to coronavirus panic

Don’t worry, emergency measures are being implemented. From the ABC:

Coronavirus fears cause toilet paper and hand sanitiser manufacturers to ramp up production

Manufacturers of toilet paper, tissues and hand sanitiser are boosting production to keep up with a surge in demand prompted by coronavirus concerns.

Supermarket shelves for essential items have been raided in recent days as nervous buyers stock up across the country ‚ÄĒ a trend which has been described as “panic buying” and likened to so-called “doomsday prepping”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison today said he had met with Coles and Woolworths executives to assess the situation.

Mr Morrison said he was “concerned” but was confident supply chains and manufacturers were responding, including Kimberly-Clark, which makes toilet paper and tissues under the Kleenex brand.

Yes, the Prime Minister of Australia has reportedly met with supermarket heavies to discuss the toilet paper situation.

As of this afternoon, toilet paper shelves around the country are empty.

Coronavirus causes panic buying of toilet paper

This has led at least one savvy merchant to list some toilet paper on ebay with a hefty markup.

Cornavirus toilet paper ebay listing

Meanwhile anecdotal reports on the ground suggest that it isn’t just toilet paper the shoppers are coming for.

The forum thread in which that comment was posted is full of similar reports.

Australians are stocking up on toilet paper and other items to the point that supermarkets are already running out, and it would seem that the fun has only just begun.

Panic and sensationalism concerning coronavirus in Australia isn’t limited to the hoi polloi.

The country’s largest professional football league, the AFL, schedules an annual match in China, supposedly to ‘grow the game’ i.e. encourage Chinese people to play and watch the sport.

Today the League unofficially confirmed rumours that this year’s game in China has been cancelled.

The two teams who were set to face off in Shanghai on May 31 will now play their game somewhere in Australia at some other time.

The League hasn’t even decided when the game will take now place, but they know for sure that there’ll be no AFL in the Middle Kingdom in 2020.

An official confirmation is apparently expected by the end of the week.

Folks, you understand that we live in a madhouse, yeah?

The truth is that I didn’t take coronavirus seriously until a few days ago.

I figured this story would blow over soon enough, just like Ebola, Sars, Zika, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Octopus Flu, etc etc.

Now I find myself sitting in an empty cafe, in an unusually quiet city, in a country which is expecting millions fewer visitors this year due to coronavirus.

From the Bangkok Post:

Tourist arrivals may drop 6 million this year due to virus: TAT

The number of foreign tourists visiting Thailand may fall by 6 million this year to 33.8 million, the lowest in four years, due to growing fears over the coronavirus outbreak, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said on Monday.

That was downgraded from last month’s forecast for 35 million visitors this year, down 12% from 2019’s 39.8 million, due largely to fewer tourists from China, Thailand’s biggest source of visitors.

Long-term residents here in Chiang Mai tell me that the city is much quieter right now than at the same time in previous years.

I’ve read in various outlets that Italy is in ‘lockdown’, while some countries are imposing minimum quarantine periods for people arriving from Italy and other countries with large reported outbreaks of coronavirus.

It is becoming apparent that if the panic surrounding coronavirus continues to grow, it may eventually impact my own travel plans.

In a couple of days I am flying from Thailand to Malaysia, because my visa-waiver period here in the Land of Smiles is almost at its end.

My original plan was to stay in Malaysia for the full three months they give tourists (without any need for a visa, Malaysia is cool like that, you basically get three months free).

Now I am seriously contemplating heading back to Australia until the dust settles, should any of the countries I have been visiting go the way of Italy or China.


That is, if Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, or any nearby countries go into ‘lockdown’ as Italy and China reportedly have, then I may need to act.

I’m not personally concerned about coronavirus in the slightest. If it even exists, it won’t kill me.

However, I do not want to get stuck in a foreign country if and when they go into ‘lockdown’, because if this were to happen, it might hamper me from visiting other countries later.

Basically my entire ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle depends on being able to move about freely, from one ‘low cost of living’ place to the next.

It would appear that coronavirus has the power to stop this freedom of movement and by consequence stop my own journey dead in its tracks.

Fortunately I passed the one-year milestone of my voyage a few days ago, and recorded a Member Video to mark the occasion and reflect on what has been an insane period of my life.

All I ever promised myself was one year on the road. Anything above and beyond that is a bonus.

A return to Australia would come with some silver linings, because it would allow me to:

*Open a new and better bank account (overseas ATM fees are killing me)

*Get an Australian motorbike license (so that I can ‘legally’ ride around in places like Thailand)

*See two of my nephews for the first time in their lives, which would be nice.

In the ideal world, I’d rather not return to Melbourne during their winter.

It is a cold, overcast, miserable place outside of the summer months…

…and that’s without even factoring in the uber-lemmings who increasingly populate the place:

Social Justice Warriors a.k.a. climate change activists
Melbourne is Australia’s SJW capital.

I’ll naturally keep the Membership of this website abreast of any developments with regards to my locations and plans going forward.

Wherever I end up, I’ll continue to keep running this operation as per normal.

For the record, I maintain the views which I expressed in this video from 23-Jan-2020:

As of a couple of days ago, that is now the most-viewed video on my primary channel.

Coronavirus hoax > Epstein hoax. Period.


The coronavirus fearporn has apparently done a real number on Australians and people all around the world.

I’m not worried about the supposed illness but I am beginning to formulate backup plans if the countries I am visiting become seriously affected and/or go into ‘lockdown’.

No matter what happens, the JLB operation will remain my primary concern for the foreseeable future.

I maintain that the coronavirus news story is in fact a hoax and nobody died, nobody got hurt.

We really do live in a madhouse.

What A Time To Be Alive.

Update #1

Some lady in Costco (kinda like the Aussie version of Sams Club in the US) went shopping:

lol more images in this article:

Post 80. 1,000 words. Available publicly.

15 thoughts on “Australia is running out of toilet paper due to coronavirus panic

  • 03-March-2020 at 11:00 pm

    It is a madhouse.

    I’ve been trying to get a laptop repaired. We need a replacement keyboard. However, the repair guys cannot get a hold of one. Why? Well, it’s because China is in lockdown, and even non-infectious tech bits are not being allowed out. Its a guess when I’ll get the thing fixed.

    All this leaves me pretty open to the idea that they are planning to crash the economy this year (to some extent). We have had the Aussie fires and now the corona virus – all BS in my view, but being treated as real, with real impacts for JLB, laptop repairs, toilet roll, etc. I’m just hoping the bog roll manufacturers pull their finger out, start rolling out more produce and keep the economy afloat ūüôā

    Also, did anyone catch this IPS call?
    at 29mins the caller talks about how he had lyme for 10 years and then was cured. The treatment for lyme (and MS) was antabuse (anti alcohol drug) made of disulfiram which apparently cures lyme in 3 months.

    All quite interesting, but why I mention this, is that the same caller reckons it stops corona virus. And that the drug has been widely withdrawn in advance of the corona virus outbreak.

  • 03-March-2020 at 11:21 pm

    To channel the Reverend, it may be more of a mind virus than a biological one, but the effects seem to be significant.

    On panic, a run on toilet paper might be irrational, but once the game begins, joining in the run on toilet paper becomes rational. (Pun not intended but noticed before I clicked post comment.)

    • 06-March-2020 at 5:08 am

      Yes, let’s auto-immune ourselves to all mind viruses! Meanwhile, as an usher I hope they don’t shut the theaters down if someone sneezes on another. The struggle is not real. The struggle is simulated. #honkpill

  • 04-March-2020 at 2:21 am

    OK so I understand the purchase of extra hand sanitiser as the muppets believe in germ theory but can somebody explain why these people are buying piles of toilet paper but no extra food or supplies allowing them to stay at home? Are they shitting themselves that much?

  • 04-March-2020 at 2:47 am

    Jlb are you suggesting the bent over a couch sans prophylactic double dipping they take on your withdrawals … isnt dosed with rapacious life force?

    *Before they cut me off unexpectedly, one silver lining when I‚Äôd first lost my card… was that sending money to myself from the western union app to one of the in person locations, at least offered some lube for the rape. if no wu – perhaps there are similar providers that have a footprint in sea.

  • 04-March-2020 at 5:43 am

    New business opportunity in Australia “Bum Blaster ‘s ” eh JLB one could make a killing.
    Obviously most Australian’s have the shits with the entire system or they are Full of Shit and its being forced out..

    Sorry everyone but its just comical that average Ozzies care more about wiping their arses than buying up food…

  • 04-March-2020 at 8:22 am

    I can’t help wondering that if all the previous virus propaganda was some test to see what people would do.

  • 06-March-2020 at 5:46 am

    They are Compliance Rituals, as Chris Kendall would say. All of these media-fear-porn productions are simply tests to see how far they can push the lemmings – what would be advantageous to repeat, how many times, when and where and with which new modifications, all that stuff. They test these on us because we are all rats in a maze, except the walls of the maze are psychological and usually built out of unjustified and irrational fears and not physical. It tends to feel like it’s ‘physical’ only after the psychological compliance is given. The lab mice are shocked and learn their new conditioned behaviors.

    Also, of course, there’s the Mandela-effect-related-and-or-compromised-by theory that reality is maybe always ‘fluid’ until enough human consciousnesses have solidified a system of psychologically enforced compliances out of it to make it seem ‘solid’ enough to hurt. Until then does ‘hurt’ even exist outside the physical realm of bodily control? And to what extent are even the physical hurts manifested by being the evil or anti-life flowers of an unstable psychology based on a weak and anti-nutritious diet in the first place? We don’t know until we go beyond it and test things. Note: personally speaking and based on my own year’s worth of testing on myself, I don’t think any human who does not at the very least eat a pound of Wild Raw Salmon 3 times a week and/or drink raw, unpasteurized dairy can possibly be ‘optimal’ in mental or physical function. It’s the difference between having a 500 horsepower supercharged car and a Volkswagen from the 1940s, lol. You were meant to be the 500 HP sweet-handling vehicle so why not claim it by a simple change of diet? If I can reclaim it at over 50 years of age, so can almost anyone else still not crippled completely by the system (see-us-them, say it fast).

    Here are some rare great recent podcasts by fellow trooters that go deeply into these ideas (@JLB, you should definitely contact this Quantum of Conscience guy for future possible discussions):

    Why The System “Plays” Truthers Like A Fiddle – QOC

    Quantum of Conscience – EXAMINING THE NOT-NILC – Episode 1

    The Immaterial Physical World – Eric Dubay

    Consciousness is King – Eric Dubay

    These last two are recent videos Dubay made out of material going back to 2014, since before the whole “Flat Earth” movement gained traction online. But he has made more-or-less unrevised videos out of the same source in 2020, so apparently the last 6 years haven’t changed his original opinions on these philosophical matters all that much.

    • 07-March-2020 at 12:41 pm

      Upon first coming across his channel last year, I didn’t much care for his book readings, though applaud the amount of time he must have put into the work. but recently have listened to several of his vids, the Philadelphia architecture material popping up frequently. now there’s way more NPC related, unnatural causes to myriad hoaxes, conspiracy included on the side with anything….which i think is an interesting perspective on this ‘reality’.

      so I would enjoy a SR call with the two. If JLB could focus on the pros rather than the cons (e.g. ‘Does QofC still believe in quantums? if so, he’s hopeless…) and if QofC wasn’t allergic to money for a couple of hours…perhaps they could shoot the shit without ‘falling between two stools’ ūüėõ

      halfway through this now while packing up. a little repetitive, but some of this stuff bears repeating ūüôā

      “That All Men Are Created Equal?” SORRY! What’s self evident is they are NOT

      • 07-March-2020 at 4:52 pm

        QoC is ok, IMO.

        Definitely knows lots of conspiracy lore, and is very good on what JLB would call the baby hoaxes. I actually enjoyed his book readings, as there were lots of bits I hadn’t heard about. As he himself admits, he’s not so good on the thinking further up the hoax pyramid.

        The last time I heard him was 6 months ago, but then he wasn’t what I think of as fully ‘hoax aware’, eg I seem to remember he gave an odd account of 911, and he believed some of shootings were real. Like IPS, he voted in the last election – I think he tried to really his audience for Trump. Not biggies, but he was not an autohoaxer. After a point I didn’t have time for his stuff though.

        He also does believe in ‘off chess board’ entities, he was always going on about the ‘not nilc’ (Clinton backwards) that coordinated everything, he does give lots of air time to the Bible and astrology. Not bad things in themselves, but from my PoV all unproven interpretations that are not really worthy of prolonged, reasonable discussion.

        • 09-March-2020 at 6:30 am

          —-Definitely knows lots of conspiracy lore….As he himself admits, he‚Äôs not so good on the thinking further up the hoax pyramid.

          interesting. never heard him mention ‘i’m not good at thinking up the pyramid’, but makes sense. I had an exchange with him in his YT comments after he kept referencing Lib of Alex and Ancient x or y civilization. yet after respectfully asking why he (and others in ‘truth’ scene) keep referencing history – for which on many occasions they themselves have suggested is likely false, he telling me ‘it doesn’t matter if history is real or not’

          ok well..then why keep bringing it up as an anchor point to TPTB – as though the Lib of Alex story (hiding knowledge etc..) is true? (an aside, l.o.a related search terms and hundreds of others related to characters and topics within this site are excellent opportunities for new organic traffic ;0)

          —The last time I heard him was 6 months ago, but then he wasn‚Äôt what I think of as fully ‚Äėhoax aware‚Äô, eg I seem to remember he gave an odd account of 911, and he believed some of shootings were real. Not biggies, but he was not an autohoaxer. After a point I didn‚Äôt have time for his stuff though.

          maybe he indian ran to the front ūüėõ some of his questions about how they pulled off 911 i think are legitimate. as well vegas, and a bevy of others. im certainly not defending or promoting QofC like he’s dropping clusters of gold nuggets. mostly just echoing Neg’s suggestion to have him on a chat. i turned off his content early to first hearing it, likely for reasons you ultimately tuned out, but listened to a handful recently where he seems to be ‘shaping’ the sum total of awareness we have with inferences that aren’t entirely irrational imo. all while not being dogmatic or claiming he knows for sure what’s actually going on.

          —He also does believe in ‚Äėoff chess board‚Äô entities, he was always going on about the ‚Äėnot nilc‚Äô (Clinton backwards) that coordinated everything, he does give lots of air time to the Bible and astrology. Not bad things in themselves, but from my PoV all unproven interpretations that are not really worthy of prolonged, reasonable discussion.

          fair points. though a ‘creator’ of this place will forever be unproven too, yet supplies lifetimes of discussion. some reasonable, some not. rarely hear him talk about the bible or astrology, but yes he’s speculating there is an element – ai or otherwise – that could very well be responsible for generating this construct…not george soros and a band of billionaires in a conference room. and the NPCs are simply playing out the scripts.

          all that said, i’d enjoy hearing him and jlb chop it up. i can think of worse things to listen to for an hour. and who knows what wheat we might eat if another audience is winnowed by the world’s leading skeptic?


  • 07-March-2020 at 10:04 pm

    I have noticed that at least in Estonia there are Corona fearmongers among the mainstream community and also the ACT-community. A lot of mainstreamers don’t give a f about the ‘virus’ and same goes to the ACT community. However there are a lot fearmongers in both camps.

    Also, I’ve noticed that the people in the ACT scene who are afraid of Corona, are also the same people who believe NASA is legit.

    The Corona phenomena has left both groups divided, just like the flat Earth/NASA-fakery tore the truth community apart several years ago.

    I am not joking when I say this, but I definitely see a correlation between Corona fearmongers and NASA-truthers.

    • 07-March-2020 at 10:24 pm

      Hello Hando

      Also, I’ve noticed that the people in the ACT scene who are afraid of
      Corona, are also the same people who believe NASA is legit.

      I agree and like the association you have seen.

      I think the most susceptible to fear porn are conspiracy realologists.

  • 09-March-2020 at 12:24 am

    and fake fakeologists, they still believe the Earth may have a shape.


  • 09-March-2020 at 3:55 am

    Face masks, hand sanitizers and now toilet paper, Oh my!. We have all been transported onto the Land of Oz and it’s just going to get worse.

    I went to Sam’s Club yesterday morning and sure enough, they were completely cleared out of paper products and water. The store was much busier than usual and the gas line was ten cars deep. We are indeed surrounded by lemmings.

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