JLB Chats w/ John Adams (29-Mar-2018)

Are we living in the ‘end times’? If ‘apocalypse’ simply means ‘unveiling’, and we are using the internet to lift the veil on the truth, are we not ourselves taking part in the dawn of a new age? How much of George Orwell’s 1984 is applicable or relevant to what is happening today? And does it make any sense for us to spend our finite time in fear of ‘Big Brother’?

On Tuesday, 20-Mar-2018, I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server. I was joined by John Adams who is known for his work with Hoax Busters Call, where he hosts a regular show with Chris Kendall.

This podcast features that discussion (unedited) along with introductory and closing thoughts recorded 29-Mar-2018.

See the ‘Hoax Busters Call’ website here.

See John Adams’ YouTube channel here.

6 thoughts on “JLB Chats w/ John Adams (29-Mar-2018)

  • a thoroughly enjoyable chat that – perhaps even more than’s usual – rewards multiple listens. could be the introductory/closing thoughts, too, which i hadn’t heard before. it all got me thinking…

    i’d like to suggest an additional point of focus given here to unveiling the subtle differences between the now and the present – by which i mean something like the beginningless/endless moment versus what we’re offered as part of the narrative continuum including “the past” and “the future.” if what i’m gonna take the liberty here of calling the Wave is already technologically and metaphysically manifesting/breaking onto the outer edges of this realm, then i’m starting to see its “heralded” arrival as the present’s “digital” analogue of the “19th century” Turn from dark and unknown ages past into the Prestige of an electrified “20th century.”

    so why not let’s take advantage of our shared perspective and discourse over our experiences, observations, inferences, connections, implications, etc. about the Wave as it’s Waving in the now? we might thereby tease out a coherent grammar, one that could be revised into a grimoire capable of de-scribing/-constructing the mechanisms of the Turn that’s Turning within the now in order to give us the present of the Prestige to come. with such a grimoire in our proverbial hands, perhaps we could not only better avoid being shuttled into pre-authored channels as the Wave floods over this world, but even (quickly, before the Wave engulfs us all) cast nets of our own spelling and set craft of our own devising upon those waters.

  • watermanchris

    Great chat! I heard this one right after Ab uploaded it and I thought it was good but it’s a chat that is definitely worth a second listen as I was able to better contemplate the ideas you were expressing.

    I believe you are correct that any paid shill would have to be “100% in the know” to be sent to target you. If they weren’t, they would probably get very upset with their would-be masters and “turn on them”. This would be a good plot for a movie, although the audience would be pretty small. To a normie, it would probably feel like a David Lynch movie or a ripoff of Inception.

    You guys also discussed spies, or more accurately the lack of spies. When I was growing up, I never understood what “secrets” a spy would protect. Nobody could ever give me a good explanation and now I know why.

    I have also considered how much of “reality” is only “real” because of human belief. Are these baby hoaxes “real” on some level because people completely buy into them? Or, is the fact that they subconsciously DON’T believe in them, the thing that makes them so ridiculous?

    When you said that the one thing that brings us all together is that the people who run the show are evil. It even applies to the normies/lemmings! Even though they think the people who run the show are a completely different group, the concept remains true in the majority of peoples’ heads. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Trump, Obama, Bush, The Democrats, The Conservatives, The Liberals, The Jews, The Jesuits, Venetian Bankers, etc, etc. As long as people have an outlet for their “two minutes of hate”, they will never look in the mirror (or at their fellow humans) to examine the roots of their problems.

    John Adams seems to be an open minded individual as his views have changed over the time I’ve been listening to him. I tend to disagree with his current position that “1984” was written only for the audience of 1948 but I believe that there is hope for him.

    On a side note, I think it’s funny how John Adams is always very quick to qualify any disagreement with you. He treats you like a hot head that just flies off the handle and attacks anybody that disagrees with you. I have seen the exact opposite from you. You seem to only get upset (maybe annoyed is a better word) when you are attacked for no reason and even then, you do not resort to the typical behavior of a triggered conspiratard.

  • Oh what another interesting piece.. and lots of themes to explore in this one..

    I listened to this on its original broadcast at Fakeologist and planned to listen to ‘this segment only’ again (for what must be obvious reasons, surely..) and so I am glad it is here and refined. I do plan to add a more in-depth comment for this ‘chat’, and just wanted to comment on what, I thought was rather ‘odd’ and somewhat of an anomaly (no judgments implied by the way) that John Adams is of the belief that the ‘book’ (let’s call it a book for now..) ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’, only has relevance to a specific ‘time period’ and that being the one we have been told by the established narrative, is the ‘Baby Boomer Generation’ ?

    This just does not make sense to me, and let me make it clear, I mean this in a contextual manner.. given that John Adams is a ‘hoax buster’ – and one I have limited experience of listening to until very recently – but, that in itself is enough to notice HOW almost illogical it seems, that one would be of such an opinion ?

    And, that he states he has read it numerous times, leaves me thinking WHY.. if its reach is not so far at all ? Isn’t one compelled to read and re-read this ‘book’ due to its significance in what we are a part of, now ?

    I have read this ‘book’ once and was literally blown away, as it had layers upon layers of meaning, which most certainly does speak to its audience, and given its content, can in no way ‘not’ apply to any ‘generation’ to come, after the nineteen-fifties. I do plan to read this again, and again, and personally do not believe items such as this, are ‘stories’ that are just thought up and produced in to books.. or by ‘one person’ and neither do I believe this place we all find ourselves in day after day after day.. is demarcated by generations, in the way The Cult would have us believe.. it is much more fluid to me, where the nature of man essentially does not change that much.. and even this ‘technological’ paradigm we are given, is somewhat of a ‘hoax’ from my perspective, if you look at it closely !

    I mean, have things really changed that much ? Seriously, have they ? Well, if you think about ‘cars’ for example, how much have they developed since they were invented ? Not as much as you would expect them to, if you were to believe in this ‘technological’ progression.. an illusion, I call it..

    You can think about many areas of life, production, manufacturing etc.. advancements are not really that fantastic, and as for the medical industry, other than what I refer to as ‘technical sorcery’ with their ‘in-vitro fertilization’ and ‘contraceptive’ and even ‘abortion’ potions’.. their procedures are still rather stymied.. with knee and hip replacements being inflicted upon the masses, instead of cures.. and made from what.. ‘bone’ or at least an organic matter ? Gosh no.. ! Metal.. or worse.. plastic !

    For those of us that do not or can not, believe in The Cult’s – I.S.S. T.V Show.. if you watch the official documentary (yes, it’s on YouTube) – ‘How It Works: The International Space Station’ and pay attention, it is very clear that this ‘technological generation’ we are supposed to be living in, IS a hoax !

    Aside from the obvious, demonstrated by the scenes that include the ‘outside’ views.. showing what can only be a stationary vehicle, that according to their own script, outside scenery should be moving passed the windows at a rate of ‘four miles per second.. the entire ‘space station’ and everything about it, is the most un-sophisticated, un-ergonomic, eco-unfriendly, un-hygienic, poorly constructed, piece of kit, you could possibly design, and for humans to inhabit.. and in ‘space’ ?

    Oh and there is ‘no bathing’ for up to six months ? What, they can’t even invent a lie, that they have designed a means of utilizing and disposing of water, ‘in space’ for six people, for at the very least once a day ? Their bodily-waste disposal system, is a dead give away.. and yet, people, seemingly intelligent.. believe that six men and women (and pre-menopausal that is, unless of course they take a continuous dose of ‘the pill’ – of course they must) use, and soil.. this facility a few times a day.. and that’s what they come up with ?

    Is that is how far we have technologically progressed ? Even I have a douche-spray pipe in my bathroom.. but no, they are fine using that filthy un-hygienic badly designed unit.. because they have their ‘huggies’ ! That’s right.. ‘HUGGIES’.. as we are told, that are there for all to see, fixed in place on the wall.. product-placement ? ‘Huggies’ of the Kimberly-Clarke fame, one of the richest multi-national companies in the world, that seem to own everything in the world.. who, wouldn’t you know, are managed by the one-and-only – ‘BlackRock’ – the world’s largest asset-management company..

    These disposable wet-wipes by the way, are the scourge of the national sewage system in the UK and I guess everywhere else in the world they are used, for their inability to biodegrade for one, and the problems they are causing as a result.. now tell me.. does this seem like we have advanced in our intellectual capabilities to create and produce, in manipulating this material place we find ourselves in every day.. well, ‘not’ if you are to buy in to NASA TV..

    ‘Technology’ as ‘I’ have now (aware of this Lie-System) come to understand and define it, relates to a specific area, that being the ‘tele-vision-inter-communication’ one, presently encompassed in the ‘computer’, and operating with some kind of ‘magic’..

    There was one (of so many..) segments in Nineteen Eighty-Four, profoundly thought-provoking.. and especially to the ‘now’ audience.. where O’Brien is instructing Winston on his reintegration..

    “..the second thing for you to realize, is that power, is power of human beings.. over the body, but above all, over the mind.. power over matter – external matter – as you would call it, is not important. Already our control over matter is absolute..”

    “..but how can you control matter?” Winston burst out.. “..you don’t even control the climate or the law of gravity.. and there is disease, pain, death..”

    O’Brien silenced him by a movement of the hand..

    “..we control matter, because we control the mind.. reality is inside the skull, and you will learn by degrees Winston.. there is nothing, that we could not do.. invisibility, levitation, anything.. I could float off this floor like a soap bubble if I wished to.. I do not wish to, because The Cult (it really says The Party in the book) does not wish it.. you must get rid of those nineteenth-century laws of nature.. WE make the laws of nature..”

    to be continued..

  • About spys…my daughter brought home something from her school book fair. It wasnt a book, it was a toy, a “spy kit”. Thats clever, right? Make it so that there are only a couple of toys available at a school book fair, and load those toys with propaganda. Of course kids are going to want a toy more than a book. I wonder what other toys they had? Dinosaurs, astronauts?

    My kids were just watching the movie spy kids on tv. Its funny because the plot of this movie has one of the grown ups being a world famous spy catcher with his own tv show. One of his kids asks him bluntly, “how many spys have you caught dad?” The father reluctantly replies that he has never actually caught a spy.

  • With regards to ‘Technology’ – or ‘Alchemy’ depending on how you see it – and The Cult’s developments, I find the latest thing to come out of the California Laboratory, not only interesting, but somewhat revealing..

    The ‘Bio-tech’ component of their Technology paradigm, has now created what can only be described as truly genius.. and as commented on in the Fortune 500 magazine:

    “The hottest tech in Silicon Valley made this meatball..”

    That’s right – “MEMPHIS MEAT – A World Without Slaughter..”

    “The company plans to produce various meat products using biotechnology to induce stem cells to differentiate into muscle tissue and to manufacture the meat products in bioreactors..”

    A Synchy-Thing.. this ‘Vegan’ agenda is being promoted in tandem with YouTube’s ‘Flat Earth’ ?

    Well, one thing is for certain, even if the herds do not convert to ‘veganism’, the programming is in place, to manipulate thoughts about eating ‘meat’ and animal based foods..

    And let’s not forget, the ‘chief ‘of YouTube is a child of the Stanford Cult, by her own admission, and lived on campus with pops.. Stanisław Wójcicki, a leading professor in all things ‘Space’ and another character instrumental and networked in the current version of reality.. and as we all know, ‘Stanford’ is where the alchemy of the ‘Recombinant D.N.A’ agenda is taking place..

    Can anyone see through this.. ?

    • miss ali

      ..oh I should have mentioned, the sister of YouTube’s official chief, Anne Wojcicki.. is behind ’23andMe’ !

      You know.. send us your saliva, along with $99.. and we will analyse your D.N.A and tell you lots of interesting stuff about yourself – well, not lots really, just the ‘illusion’ of such – and we can forewarn you of potentially imminent disease, but do not fear, we have potions at the ready AND can detect if you have that all illusive ‘Jew Gene’ ! And all will be stored for you to access in our online-DNA-data-base..

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