JLB Chats #09 w/ Velocet + Fakeologists (22-Sep-2018)

Is the internet something very different to what most of us seem to believe? Are websites stored on physical servers or is there something else going on? Where does ‘technology’ come from? Why do some people say that War is a Hoax? And why does everybody else find this notion so difficult to entertain?

Early Saturday morning, 22-Sep-2018 (Australia time), I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server, and suddenly found myself being broadcast live via the streamerbot. At the time I was chatting with Velocet from Sydney and Ab from Toronto, and we were also joined by Napoleon Wilson from somewhere in the UK and Rachel from Liverpool.

This podcast features that discussion, mirrored from the Fakeologist audiochat, with minor editing to remove unnecessary audio at the beginning and end.

Original Fakeologist call: here.

Production notes: Recorded early Saturday morning 22-Sep-2018. Released as Chats #09 on 24-Sep-2018. Rendered at 32kbps. Timestamped 22-Sep-2018 i.e. date of recording.


3 thoughts on “JLB Chats #09 w/ Velocet + Fakeologists (22-Sep-2018)

  • RicStaR13

    Oh my word, I just can’t believe this number plate, what a joke. I have been battling this war hoax for quite a while now, this has really made it a lot clearer, how can we actually believe this now? The 2nd world war is much harder for me to say is a hoax, I don’t know why? The characters are pretty ridiculous, maybe just because it’s closer or that we apparently know people that fought in it? But I just struggle with ww2, I’m sure v2s were a hoax, and many parts, haven’t quite gotten to hoax.

    I have starated to wonder if gangs are a hoax? These groups of young people getting together and killing one another over colours? Bloods and crips and all that ms13 and shit? I don’t doubt the occasional murder happens over drugs, or something else,but the whole idea seems to add to the possibility of war? The army I think could just be like police? That is what they appear to do while at “war” ww2 has been so ingrained in my brain i think that I cannot shift it, I don’t think I can still believe it for much longer,still hanging on to ww2 though, but ww1 is most surely a hoax? Which makes ww2 pretty stupid to believe,but the conditioning has clearly worked on me hahaha, I’ve gotten passed ww1 but can’t get over ww2, that seems worse than believing both really, but yeah, I don’t want to know everything is a hoax, it becomes quite unnerving that everything you know is basically just a movie,but it appears to be that way? We are just told things and we believe them. The flat earthers are really ok if they are just trying to uncover the truth, some seem to be, I don’t know if they’re right, problems with all models, but I just think we know nothing at all, just a whole heap of fairy tales on top of fairy tales and millions of people who will argue for each fairy tale, do even the elites believe the lies? Who knows, everyone could be fooled?just circles of decieved people decieving others intentionally or unintentionally, it really doesn’t matter? The circle keeps turning and kids learn the facts and repeat. No one needs to know just all lies.

  • Nothing is real. The world is made of consensual beliefs. You can believe anything you want, but “objective reality” only manifests where your beliefs are congruent with the collective consciousness.

    Hey JLB, there is someone in my family that claims to have killed people in Vietnam. Its a very close relative, lets call him Gomer. For years my family has said that gomer shot civilians when he was a gunner on a boat in Vietnam, and that was the reason Gomer was sooo mean. I had heard that for years, but it was always second hand, I never heard it from him.

    Just yesterday I was talking to my mom, and she said that a couple years ago, as one of Gomer’s closest relatives was dying, he tearfully confessed to killing people in Vietnam. I thought,”yeah, so what, isnt that old news?”, so I sort of gave my mom a look of disbelief. She went on…she said that Gomer confessed to killing a fellow soldier with friendly fire, and that he felt he had to confess to the dead soldiers family. My mother, however, convinced him it was best to leave it alone and to not contact the family.

    I really believe there is some truth to Gomer’s confession, but im wondering if he killed civilians AND a fellow soldier, or of he only killed a fellow soldier. It would make sense if he vaguely alluded to killing people(civilians) for years, but never was able to admit that it was actually a fellow soldier. Im tempted to contact him to discuss this story, but tbh, Ive always been intimidated by Gomer.

  • fuhng

    highly intrigued by the musings of velocet regarding technology that launched this recording – for me, mosdef a topic deserving of its own MDC call, please.

    goes quite well, imo, with the power plant presentation, and its own implications.

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