JLB Chats #09 w/ Velocet + Fakeologists (22-Sep-2018)

Is the internet something very different to what most of us seem to believe? Are websites stored on physical servers or is there something else going on? Where does ‘technology’ come from? Why do some people say that War is a Hoax? And why does everybody else find this notion so difficult to entertain?

Early Saturday morning, 22-Sep-2018 (Australia time), I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server, and suddenly found myself being broadcast live via the streamerbot. At the time I was chatting with Velocet from Sydney and Ab from Toronto, and we were also joined by Napoleon Wilson from somewhere in the UK and Rachel from Liverpool.

This podcast features that discussion, mirrored from the Fakeologist audiochat, with minor editing to remove unnecessary audio at the beginning and end.

Original Fakeologist call: here.

Production notes: Recorded early Saturday morning 22-Sep-2018. Released as Chats #09 on 24-Sep-2018. Rendered at 32kbps. Timestamped 22-Sep-2018 i.e. date of recording.


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