Impromptu Chat #8 | ‘Sam + Gino’ (6-Sep-2016)

Sam from Adelaide makes his IC debut while Gino returns for another installment. Topics include the LGBT agenda and specifically pro-transgender programming in Australia and around the world; cultural marxism; societal degeneracy and our own behaviour; the ‘usual suspects’; and the ‘Alt Right’.

Streamed live on JohnleBonEXTRA 6-Sep-2016.

7 thoughts on “Impromptu Chat #8 | ‘Sam + Gino’ (6-Sep-2016)

  • Dmitry Ponder

    I can relate to a lot that was said in this podcast, so bare with me for a short story.

    I am ashamed to say, a girl named Julie(who goes by Oliver) had approached me to Dj for her funraiser event, raising money for her gender reassignment operation. I agreed to help her because I simply wanted to mix my music. About a month earlier, my ex had broken up with me and I was really just trying to be happy and work on myself, you know, and convince my self that I truly was “better off”. So, I go to this event, I meet a bunch of drag queens that are supposed to perform, they all give me their music on cd, so I throw all that on my laptop, people are trickling in, I start mixing my own music to set the tone. After about five minutes of mixing, I decide I should get something to drink before I’m trapped behind my decks. I get something to drink in the kitchen of this banquet building, and on my way back, I try to make light conversation with “Oliver”, and I buy him a drink. You see, I first met JULIE in 7th grade. she was a tomboy. I liked hangin out with her because we shared a passion for action sports. we ended up diconnecting when I moved to the next town over, but later I randomly found her online and she invited me to Dj for a house part she was throwing. She had informed, then, about being lesbian and that all her gay and lesbian friends were invited. It didn’t matter to me at the time, so I showed up, did my thing, never talked to her again. So, keep all that in mind, I buy oliver a drink and ask the basic questions one would inquire upon someone making this grand decision, and I shit you not, this bitch thought I was hitting on her. It was so wrong. especially cuz I had never once shown interest in her in that way, and that she must have convinced herself that I didn’t care that she was the tommiest of tomboys and had defined herself as liking girls, and now wanted to be a-dude-liking-girls. Moving on, I make my way back to my Dj gear and throw on my headphones before looking up and realizing who was in the crowd; this bithces family tree had showed up, all with a disgusted look of disbelief, 20 of her actual friends showed up, the rest of this crowd were members of the drag queen organization throwing the fundraiser, and the performers there of. After five more minutes of trying to ignore the lack of unity for the cause, I decided to stop mixing music, I throw on a prerecorded mix, and I try to get the “performances” part of the event started. So, that actually works. the rest of the event goes smoothly. I gather my shit, everyone thanks me, I get tipped, I say my goodbyes, and go home. After settling down, I get on Facebook and, what would you fucking know, this bitch had something passive to say about me “hitting on her” in a public post, callin me a princess and shit. Honestly it was too much to comprehend, but it hurt my feelings as an artist, because I felt like my music was being depreciated by her actions. Anyway, I get high, have a glass of wine, then I start thinking critically about my recent break up. I don’t know what possessed me to try and talk to my ex, but I did, and appearantly, my ex’s gay best friend was aware that I was at this event via posts I made; inviting the locals, and a short clip of one of the performances. This gay friend of hers informed her of all this and they were having a laugh at me. She started calling me gay and that she “always wondered if I was bi-sexual. Now I was starting to feel attacked, and I quickly block all these fucks out of my life. I now consider my ex to be brainwashed, and probably a dumbass feminist. It was all good for validating why I shouldn’t be with her, but it was sad to see how influenced she was by this interaction with her gay friend. In essence essence, this faggot had used humor(comedy) to brainwash her into completely changing her view about me.

    Im 23 and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. we have a particularly high suicide rate in comparison to the rest of America, outside of the Rocky Mountains. We are the 7th gayest state in our country. We use the most anti-depressants in our country. Shit is fucked, man. I’d love to talk with you on air about suicide. I am sure I could broaden your understandings on the subject. I also have some key points I think you should discuss in regards to the trans stuff. Im just reaching out, because of how well I relate to this podcast.

    please, contact me when you get the chance.

    • Eccentric Views

      That’s an interesting story mate. Thanks for sharing. Given what you said is entirely true, and there’s level of embellishment, it is very concerning to say the least. The part where she assumed that you were hitting on her, ha! Gotta love that shit. I’d love to see what ‘it’ actually looks like? Most of the time it’s very average looking girls who do this, they are so desperate for that ‘confidence boost’ that they’ll do things like that. Makes me utterly sick lol!

      Lucky where I live, here in Australia, there aren’t many gays, even fewer, tans people. Well from what I have observed. I know and interact with a lot of people and only know a few gay people and zero trans.

  • Freedom Patriot

    Maybe the real reason behind free porn channels and the jack off is good and natural agenda is to lower testosterone levels? The benefits of this to the powers that be are endless, and goes some way towards explaining the feminization of the male species over the last few decades. Got me thinking.

    About Trump. It’s hard to believe the American people are that stupid that Clinton is ahead in the polls. I would like to see Trump get in and see if he can possibly roll out his promises, especially the part on getting rid of free trade agreements that are of a detriment to jobs. He makes a lot of sence to me. If he can’t succeed, which I find the most likely of scenarios, then I will know for a fact this world is stuffed.

    • It is obvious to me that there is an agenda behind all of the free porn out there. Whether it specifically relates to t-levels, or is intended to have more broad effects such as weakening the male spirit (and thereby the will and moral decency of the entire society), I am not so sure. I’m glad to hear that this part of the discussion got you thinking, and I strongly recommend you check out reddit/r/nofap if you haven’t already. It may well change your life more significantly than anything which followed from learning about Baby Hoaxes.

      As for Trump, do you honestly believe there is any chance he cares about the peasants? If so, why? I’m genuinely curious to hear.

  • supermot34

    Hey JLB, I only just got around to listening to this and I must say it gave me a lot of food for thought! In my truth-seeking journey I have read a couple of books on ‘Gnosticism’, and one of the things that Gnosticism teaches is to conserve the sexual energy as much as possible and that it is detrimental to masturbate, just as you were saying here. The way you laid (no pun intended) out logically your argument really struck me. Sex is for creating new life, and using it for pleasure leads towards degeneracy, and to be honest that makes a hell of a lot of sense to me. You can see how the Usual Suspects are pushing kids to become sexually active younger, and normalizing masturbation, pornography, etc. It’s really quite obvious when you think about it.
    Despite what I have read, I’ve not gone ahead and taken up the NoFap lifestyle but I’m definitely going to try to cut back and try to build the willpower to give it up altogether.

    I have spent a lot of time on 4chan and 8chan over the years, and I’m quite familiar with the memery and discussions that go on there. You may not remember, but I wrote a comment to you about a little social episode known as “GamerGate” which I believe was the forerunner to all the alt-right stuff we now see on those sites (this took place about 2 years ago). Milo, Shoe0nHead, and many other alt-righty personalities got their start with GamerGate. 8chan literally became popular because the owners of 4chan BANNED any GamerGate related discussion. One of the main focuses of GamerGate was exposing Cultural Marxism and I think it did an amazing job at spreading awareness. At that time there was an article on Wikipedia for Cultural Marxism, but during the GG scandal, that page was removed and now there is only this:
    What a joke!

    Anyway, that’s just some internet history. My opinion of the alt-right seems to line up a lot with yours, JLB. That is,
    that they are a good thing in general, pushing back against Cultural Marxism and SJWs and just overall turning the tide against the lefties, but I too am dismayed at how they gobble up the MSM as if it’s real and true, while claiming to be on the level and wise to the Jewish propaganda. It is insane as you said, to accept the Holocaust was not real, but to never question the average shooting on TV today. Here’s my theory as to why that is (couple of reasons):
    1) The social pressure; questioning 9/11 or Sandy Hook is a sure fire way to alienate your audience and those close to you. We all went through that, but for most people, the social pressure doesn’t allow them to question these things, even the social pressure among the alt-right. There is so much “TIN FOIL” and “Crackpot Conspiracy” type rhetoric floating around these ideas for them to go mainstream at this time.
    2) The fact that these events are happening NOW. For some reason it’s easier for people accept something was faked 70 years ago, but harder to believe that it is happening right now. Maybe it just feels too close to home.
    3) The narrative of these events sometimes works in their favor, eg. propaganda terrorist attacks like 9/11 paint Muslims as evil-doers and since part of the alt-right narrative is that Muslism are in fact evil-doers, questioning the story would potentially poke a hole in their worldview.

    I always listen to things like this on the way to work but by the time I get home I forget the details of what I would want to comment on.

    Thanks for the excellent conversations, JLB. You and Zachary K Hubbard are just about the only two sources I really get a lot out of these days.

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