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Will Novak Play? (9-Jan-2022)

A lot of folks seem to think they know how these major media events will play out.

Problem is, many of them appear to only make their ‘predictions’ after the fact.

JLB asked for people’s forecasts regarding the Novak situation ahead of time.

The question was simple: will Novak stay or will he go?

In this livestream, JLB was joined by Louis from France to review the responses.

Backup of stream

mp3 version

Original stream

Reddit thread seeking predictions

Available here.


The people who make all of this possible.

Independent research and content creation requires time and effort.

I continue to do this because about 100 people around the world support it.

Without them, none of this would be possible.

That’s a fact.

Production notes. Livestream 9-Jan-2022. mp3 uploaded 10-Jan-2022. Minor editing for audio file (noise gate only). Post updated 3-Aug-2022 to add backup video.

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