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  • Negentropic

    There were only two broad types of “conspiracy community” people during the course of the long-running, farcical covid/moronovirus hoax circus:

    1) Those who thought the usurocracy elite had released a “biological weapon” in the form of some deliberately manufactured killer virus. These people wore the face-diaper and social distanced and shat themselves with fear-porn but the overwhelming majority did not get the vaxx pushed by the same elites in the problem/ reaction/solution pre-planned sequence – they at least recognized and understood that much.

    However, though the majority would not bend over for the shots, most of this traumatized and confused bunch still believed that taking ivermectin and some other bullshit pharmaceutical drug developed and pushed by the same elites but “not allowed” by the FDA would do them good. They were such simpletons that just getting the FDA to not approve a drug made them want to take it. That’s how easy it was to manipulate these half-woke morons. Only a small percentage of these people realized (what the majority of the second group below realized) and much later that contagion itself is a lie (janitorial germs do not cause disease, they clean up the mess) and no virus has ever, in fact, been isolated at all..

    2) Those who knew the whole thing was a hoax from the beginning and there was nothing to fear except the ostracism and potential violence of the brainwashed mob and who would not bend over for the drug companies or take the nose-rape of the bogus “PCR” test no matter what.

    However, even out of this group, some people, a tiny minority, gave in to the pressure and either got the shots and/or took the test. Plus, the overwhelming majority, myself included, still thought “germ theory” or “catching diseases from others” had a valid basis in science. The covid hoax forced this majority into a stupendous frenzy of research into “terrain theory” and the question of whether viruses have ever even been isolated or not, which within 6 months dispelled them of both false notions: the contagion myth and the isolated virus myth, ushering in a new awareness that man-made toxicity was the main culprit in illness, the “vaccines” and pharmaceutical drugs being pushed by the entire medical industry being some of the top toxifiers.

    In addition, some of the more extreme people in this “auto-hoax” community actually went as far as to say, without any -proof whatsoever, that the vaccines were all “placebo” and not harmful and it was just one gigantic divide-and-conquer tactic and world-wide compliance ritual and test to see who would break and who would not under the pressures applied at various stages of the PsyOp.

    These people have mostly all now changed their tunes to “maybe there was some damage” or “some intent to damage,” etc. because they realized how ridiculous and naive they would look in retrospect calling pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals harmful but not the top pharmaceutical product: vaccines. If anything, and given the fact that the medical industry operates on a conflict of interest – needing sick people rather than well ones to survive – the vaccines being the most pushed drugs and chemical concoctions, would, in fact, be the most potentially harmful – the most future-customer-creating.

    I’m glad to say I was never a part of this latter team of extreme auto-hoaxing fanatics and their fantasy and non-existent “it’s all good” forever-hoaxed-no-physical-harm-done reality. It is certainly not all good, not even remotely in that absurd “hippie” zone, and though the world obviously also needs ditch diggers and fry cooks and people of lesser intelligence, ignorance is still never bliss in any long-term course of life for any individual regardless of their level of smarts – ignorance is susceptibility to lies and confidence games and being taken advantage of by predators and more pain and suffering than would otherwise be their lot in the natural course of things.

    It is to restore a more natural order of things that the yearning and passionate search for truth even exists in all its various creative forms. And it is in this pursuit that human beings eventually become most human. So I don’t agree with JLB’s disparaging of most “truthers” online as a sad and frustrated, hateful bunch who would be much happier being simple, ignorant normies and NPC’s. It is not their “happiness” or lack of it that’s important here but the fact they at least have a backbone and a fighting spirit and a willingness to go the distance, even if it means their own “unhappiness” and lack of short-term periods of normie “bliss” in the narrower view of things. Even if it means their complete “doom.”

    After all, what is it that the average man fears most? Solitude or being alone, in other words being in the highest and most fruitful state of thinking and contemplation and it is only the exceptional person that seeks it. The joy and rewards of thinking cannot even be understood by the lower type of man whose entire goal in life is the exact opposite: to escape solitude / thinking. Yet he and his kind stand to benefit immensely from the thinking done by the few “losers” he always disparages. Just by the trashing of germ theory and the contagion myth alone plus toxicity theory and its inevitable spread through the mainstream (even if takes 2 decades to get in through their thick skulls) the immense benefit of “unhappy” thinking vs. “happy” retardation is quite obvious.

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