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Land Clown Under – LIVE Protest Coverage

Why are all of these people protesting in the middle of muh GlObAl PaNdEmIcS?

Who is organising these protests and what is their endgame?

What is the koala bears’ favourite pastime and why should we be careful when messing with these creatures?

Original stream


[There’s about 15 minutes where I’m accidentally on mute, from about 1hr -> 1hr 15m]

mp3 version

[I edited out the muted bit]

Promo Video

Published the evening before the protests, with overview of the event and predictions.


As at 6-Jun-2020

These are the individuals who make streams like this possible.

Without them, this website would not exist. That’s a fact.

Livestreamed 6-Jun-2020. Published with mp3 7-Jun-2020. Exported at 96kbps with muted 15 minutes edited out.


2 thoughts on “Land Clown Under – LIVE Protest Coverage

  • What if, instead of a simulation, this world was more like an extremely intricate house of mirrors?

    And the ‘simulated’ aspects of this world actually came from within, from a lack of self knowledge, the obligatory blind spots

    Lol, the whirled ♋️

    • Apoc Shaker

      Them’s the rules. You spin around and around, until you get dizzy and then fall down. And when you’re sleeping… JUST STAY LIKE THAT!

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