JLB Member Skype #05 – Who Is Responsible? (28-Jan-2018)

Your thoughts and actions: who is responsible for them? If our lives are being recorded, have we thought through the potential consequences of judging the thoughts and actions of others? Does the ACT realm promote utopian fantasies to people who want to avoid facing reality?

This was the first Sunday Skype following a three-week break. Naturally we had plenty to discuss.

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Who’s Watching Me?

Aldous Huxley 'predicted' the present. What was he trying to share with us?

Many people are familiar with the 'Trivium', a method for thinking about our thinking. What can we learn from it?

There seems to an exist a group of people who run the whole show. Are the really 'evil'?

And, finally, who is watching me -- and who is watching you?

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