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Ep #18: ‘Mental Problems’

John le Bon discusses mental problems and psychological boundaries.

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In Part 2 (which runs a further 90 minutes) we discuss questions such as:

*Are character like Dave J and Markus Allen meant to be taken seriously?

*Is autohoaxing news events merely the ‘easy option’ (and, if so, is this a bad thing)?

*Have TPWRTS rickrolled us all by reopening the world immediately following the 3/11 Special Member Call?

Part 2 available to Members HERE.

See Also – New Presentation

Do you remember hearing anecdotal reports of changes to menstrual cycles following the jibby jabs?

Why are we now seeing mainstream media stories indicating these ‘side effects’ were ‘expected’?

Is it merely ‘coincidence’ that The Science is claiming 42% of women have experienced these effects?

Watch or listen to the full presentation HERE.

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