Sometimes Record #06 | Mandela Effective (30-Jan-2020)

Why does special guest Thirst For Truth
consider 'Mandela Effect' to be a trap?

Does he think that the Mandela Effect 'community'
leaders really believe what they are saying?

Is it possible that human beings are
drawn towards 'movements' the same way
bugs are drawn towards bug-zappers?

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JLB Notes: Brian Staveley ‘Calls Out’ Infinite Plane Society

Mandela Effect is taking the conspiracy subculture by storm: whether you or I like it or not.

Recently the battle lines were drawn between two prominent pro- Flat Earth personalities:

Brian Staveley on one side, and Infinite Plane Society on the other.

Anybody with an interest in psychology, sociology, the cultish tendencies of humans, or the conspiracy subculture in general, will get something out of studying the skirmish.

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