Member Call This Weekend – September 25 (Sunday)

This weekend will mark one week since the last Member Discord Call.

John le Bon discusses Friendly Fire

I’d say we’re about due for another chat.

So this coming Sunday (the 25th of September), that’s what we’ll do.

You can come along to join in, listen live, or simply take part in the unrecorded sections of the call.

Or you can wait a few days and listen to the official upload for the Member Discord Call series.

Call One (Suits Australasia)


We’ll begin from 1pm Plovdiv time and I plan to be there until at least 6pm local.

Call Two (Suits America)

We’ll begin from 8pm Plovdiv time and I expect to be there until pretty late.


This weekend I’m hoping to discuss:

The pros and cons of autohoaxing

There seems to me to be a significant benefit in autohoaxing things like war stories and weather tragedies and so forth.

At the same time, there are some potential arguments against the autohoaxing framework.

I want to reconsider and reassess autohoaxing, the theory and the practise.

The vaxxine injury support groups (e.g. facebook)

There appears to be some kind of growing ‘movement’ regarding folks who claim to be vaccine damaged.

Ab the Fakeologist is apparently pivoting towards this group of people and supporting their content creators.

Are these people legitimate? What can or will they accomplish?

And is it possible that these ‘vaccine injury’ people are the (unwitting) next phase of the scamdemic?

Your ideas

I’m hoping that the other participants on the call will have their own topics to share and discuss.

After all, there’s around 30 new people on the site, and we’d love to hear from them on the calls.

We can talk about whatever the people on the call want to talk about.

Who knows where the discussion might go?

Discord Invite

If you need a fresh discord link, just email me: johnlebon123 at gmail

Hope to see you there ūü•ā

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