Member Call This Saturday (May 27)

Next weekend, two Members of johnlebon dot com will be arriving in Bulgaria.

They’ll be staying for two weeks, which means it may be difficult to schedule a Member Call for a little while.

Therefore it is definitely worth scheduling something for tomorrow i.e. the final Saturday before they arrive.

I know the call a couple weekends ago was a bit of a non-starter, because I was barely there (in more ways than one ūü§¶‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ).

For tomorrow, I am committed to having a coffee and being up, nice and energetic, for the Member Call.

Hopefully we get a decent crowd and can record our first new edition of the Member Call series since April 8.

A lot has happened since then, including a royal coronation, the ‘official’ end of corona…¬† what else?

SynchroMorpheus’ synctastic thread on twitter made waves (SM is rumoured to be a Member of johnlebon dot com)

A few Bonversations have been published in the interim, including the return of LOTJO.

And there was that curious little post regarding black pills and ‘benefit’ (or otherwise) of this kind of research and content.

So we have heaps to talk about.

Call 1 (Suits Australasia)


Call 2 (suits America)


For the later call, I will set my evening aside if I know people will be there.

Even if just one person emails me or pings me on discord to say ‘I’ll be there’, then I’ll be there, too.

Otherwise I would rather head out and enjoy a Saturday night in town, now that the weather is slightly less crap than it was during the winter.

So if you will be free from, say, 11am US EDT, or 4pm UK BST (6pm Plovdiv), and want to organise a call, just email me or send a discord ping or leave a comment below.

If there is no interest in the second call, no worries, I plan to get plenty recorded during the first call.

And we can come back and schedule a call which suits America on a later weekend.


If you need a fresh invite, just email me at johnlebon123 gmail

Hope to see you this weekend ūüôŹ

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