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Baby Hoaxes are media events which dominate the news cycle for a brief period and often resurface for ‘updates’ subsequent to their initial premiere. They can take the form of school shootings, marathon bombings, terrorist broadcasts, and even plane disappearances. Although each event has only a short-term and/or minor impact on the psyche of the masses, their cumulative effect is profound, keeping the sleeple in a constant state of anxiety and fear. Baby Hoaxes are where many people begin – and finish – their process of deprogramming, with countless YouTube personalities focusing solely on ‘exposing’ the latest Baby Hoax in the news cycle.

Classic Examples

Mass casualty events such as the Boston Bombings, Aurora ‘Batman’ Shootings, Sandy Hook, the Norway (Utoya) attacks, and the Orlando Gay Club massacre.
Terrorist attacks such as the Sydney Siege, the Bardo National Museum hostage event, and the Nice truck attack.
Smaller-scale shootings/stabbings such as the Elliot Rodger attacks and the Cassidy Stay shooting.
Plane disappearances/crashes such as the MH370 disappearance, the MH17 downing, and the MS804 crash.


Baby Hoaxes can vary in type but one trait common to all is that they are primarily media-driven. The masses would be completely unaware of each event were it not reported on by the mainstream media. Whereas the higher levels of Hoaxes generally involve indoctrination of the public via the education system, Baby Hoaxes impact the masses chiefly (and often solely) due to their consumption of, and trust in, the MSM.

In some instances, the MSM are themselves a central part of the story, as was the case with the Sydney Siege, when a Channel 7 cameraman was supposedly assisting snipers to target the perpetrator during the hostage stand-off. From that same event, two newspaper reporters/photographers started the famous ‘flower memorial’, which itself received widespread coverage by the MSM.

Some Baby Hoaxes are even released as serials, like a soap opera. The best example of such is the ‘ISIS World Tour’ series which received heavy play during 2014. James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines and others were reportedly executed by ‘ISIS’, the evil and barbaric terrorist network which came to prominence in the same year. This series was clearly intended for an audience of all ages, because the ‘beheading’ videos did not even include any actual beheadings. In several cases, the released ‘beheading’ video even gave a sneak preview for the next episode. For example, the James Foley ‘beheading’ video forewarned that Steven Sotloff would be next.

It is common for major Baby Hoaxes to be regularly ‘updated’ long after their initial release, as was the case with the ‘trials’ of Batman Shooting suspect James Holmes and Boston Bombing assailant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Plane disappearances/crashes provide further examples, with ‘found debris’ articles periodically receiving worldwide syndication.

Cumulative Effect

The power of Baby Hoaxes is in their constant occurrence, and the day-to-day influence this has on the psyche of the sleeple as individuals and as a collective. Even if ‘real’, a school shooting or a marathon bombing would not actually directly affect that many people. Such events would certainly be tragic for those involved, and frightening to those inclined towards fright, but they would not in any way impact the vast majority of people on earth at the time. This is evidenced by the fact that, if not reported on by the news media, almost nobody would even know of such events.

Cumulatively, though, Baby Hoaxes are extremely disturbing to the masses because they negatively shape their worldview. The sleeple trust the MSM to tell them the truth, so they accept each story as it is presented to them, and over time their concept of reality is shaped by the mounting Baby Hoaxes which they take to be real. This is why the typical person on the street is liable to believe that ‘jihadi terrorists’ actually exist and are a threat to their wellbeing, random people occasionally plot to bomb public events, and commercial jetliners sometimes disappear into thin air without anybody knowing where they went.

Baby Hoaxes serve the lie system by perpetually maintaining the sleeples’ false sense of reality. This is true of all levels of Hoaxes on the Hoax Hierarchy, but what sets Baby Hoaxes apart is that they are distinct, seemingly-unrelated, regular events whose power is in their numbers. They take place year round, all over the world, conditioning the minds of the masses, manipulating them into fear, paranoia, confusion, anger, and a host of other base emotions.

‘Truther’ and Conspiracy Theorist Fodder (the Baby Hoax Trap)

The Baby Hoaxes trap many would-be skeptics/researchers in an endless cycle of ‘exposing the media’ (or, more often, watching other peoples videos ‘exposing the media’). Countless YouTube personalities have built an audience by ‘breaking down’ Baby Hoax after Baby Hoax. Some specialise in one or two high-profile Baby Hoaxes, others make their name by being the ‘first’ to ‘expose’ each new Baby Hoax as it is reported in the MSM. In 2014, a collection of such YouTubers even began a weekly, live vodcast centred on Baby Hoaxes, named ‘We’ll Do It Live’. Episodes would typically focus on the latest major Baby Hoax.

The Baby Hoax trap is an easy one for truth n00bs to fall into, for a number of reasons. Firstly, Baby Hoaxes are often the level where people first begin their deprogramming journey. The plethora of videos ‘exposing’ Baby Hoaxes on YouTube results in people who are not even looking for such content being exposed to it. Secondly, many of the Baby Hoax personalities on YouTube promote and reinforce the flawed notion that their videos will somehow hurt the MSM or even harm the establishment. Some of these personalities may even believe such nonsense themselves. Either way, an unwitting truth n00b may become convinced that ‘exposing’ Baby Hoaxes is an effective strategy for making the world a better place, and thus become entirely focused on that exercise.

Thirdly, learning that the MSM tells egregious lies about things like mass shootings can be very disorienting for an individual, because they are likely to be surrounded by people who can not and will not accept this fact. The average western person watches hours of television per day, making it a more important part of their lives, and greater influence on their worldview, than a deeply religious person’s church pastor. This is no mere rhetorical analogy. Consider the pastor’s typical sermon position above the audience, and their attire and speaking manner. Then consider the typical lounge room television position, and a newscaster’s attire and speaking manner. Then consider that the typical church sermon runs less than one hour, once per week, whereas studies show that the typical sleeple spends about one hour per day watching/listening to/reading ‘the news’. The ‘news’ dominates breakfast television, radio interludes, the 5-7 primetime television slot, and there are even entire channels dedicated to 24/7 broadcasts of ‘the news’.

Put another way, TV news is Truth to most sleeple. A truth n00b who attempts to alert their friends and family to the lies of the television is likely to suffer considerable psychological and social harm by the inevitable backlash. This can lead to isolation from their social support groups and, to varying degrees, disenfranchisement from broader society. This in turn can lead to demoralisation and spiritual capitulation. At each step along the way, the typical truth n00b can find himself becoming more attached to the YouTube personalities who ‘expose’ the Baby Hoaxes, and a vicious cycle of reinforcement may be entrenched. Many have fallen into this trap, and many more will follow.

Are Baby Hoaxes Less Important Than Higher Levels of Hoaxes?

In a word: yes.

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  • 20-August-2017 at 3:16 am

    Indeed. First baby hoaxes then bigger hoaxes! Such as ‘Nazism’ for example, where the producers and directors of WWII, Ashkenazi Jews, even borrowed the last four letters from their own name to call the acting villains after it. Moon landings, presidents and celebrities’ deaths, global terrorism and wars etc. All need to be swallowed first then one may be ready to learn the truth about Jesus, Bible, Monkeys, Humans and Races, Planet Earth, Universe.

  • 06-June-2018 at 11:28 pm

    OK. I’m 100% with you so far. I’m working my way up the hierarchy, and the topics covered here already – well, not bore me exactly, but I have done them to death. Have been looking beyond/deeper for some time now. Onwards, and very much upwards ūüėÄ

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