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Sometimes Record Episode #12
Feat Ethan from TOTT News

To what extent are we shaped by our experiences
as children within the ‘education’ system?

What evidence exists to suggest that the recent Australian bushfires
were intentionally designed to benefit multi billion-dollar interests?

Is it really possible to create an independent news outlet
with merely hard work, patience, and dedication?

Sometimes Record #12

‘Where There’s Smoke…’

feat. Ethan from TOTT News

Recorded 29-Feb-2020
Published 1-Mar-2020


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Ethan / TOTT News

Website | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

Main material on the Australian bushfires

Article: Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy? (5-Dec-2019)

Article: CLARA’s High Speed Rail: The Full Story (20-Feb-2020)

Video: Australia on Fire: The Beginning of Agenda 2030 (11-Jan-2020)

My recent appearance on TOTT News

TOTT Member Circle Podcast February 2020
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More info on Alexander Inglis (Secondary Education): here.

My own material on Inglis – here.

Archives of the Australian Roundtable Podcast – here.

Outtro song part 1 – here.


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