September 25 Mailing List Release

Mailing List Release | September 25 2020

‘Coincidence’ or Something Else?

Four pieces


i) The Missing Sync (Part 2) | 37-minute video / audio presentation

ii) Member Discord Call – Waking Life | Two-hour podcast

Members only

iii) Erase & Rewind (Rewind) | 90-minute video / audio presentation

iv) The Missing Sync (Part 5) | One-hour video / audio presentation


 The Missing Sync – Part 2

The Missing Sync

Is there more to ‘Project Blue Beam’ than the surface level psyop?

Can ‘Knocked Up’ (2007) and ‘This Is The End’ (2013) be considered ‘twin’ films?

Are those of us who have made serious mistakes in our lives about to face the ‘wrath of god’?

(Available in both video and audio-only format)



(You can download the mp3 by clicking the square-with-arrow sign thing)

Member Discord Call – Waking Life

Why is existentialism often seen as a philosophy of despair?

Who benefits when a person views him or herself as a victim of circumstance?

All ashore that’s going ashore. Toot toot!

Part 1

Part 2

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Erase & Rewind (Rewind)

Erase Rewidn Rewind The Cardigans

Why does it matter to me that my airBNB turned out to be on floor 42?

If I no longer believe this realm is more than a couple hundred years old,
then how do I suppose everything and everybody ‘got here’?

When did it dawn on me that something much bigger than myself
might be pulling the strings on this thing we call reality?

90-minute presentation.

Watch or listen HERE

The Missing Sync Part 5

Melburnians are currently suffering through the
worst corona lockdown in the known world.

The obvious question is ‘Why Melbourne?’

And what on earth does any of this
have to do with The Simpsons?

One-hour presentation.

Watch or listen HERE

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