JLB Member Discord | Open House #06 | Logic vs NPCs [PUBLIC RELEASE]

Why aren’t critical thinking skills taught at school? Can a non-player character (NPC) teach him or herself to understand and apply a ‘standard form’ framework for interacting with information, or is it too late for the average person to ever truly deprogram? Who says technological progress is a bad thing, and when did ‘transhumanism’ become such a dirty word?

Joining me to answer these questions and more was an all-star cast of interlocutors from around the world.

Participants (cumulative appearances on Member Calls)

fuhng from Chicago (twenty-three)

Mezzie from Victoria, Aus (thirty-two)

Nate from Illinois (ten)

Salzburg Gold from North Dakota (four)

TheProphet49 from Oregon (four)

Audio – Part 1

Audio – Part 2

Links and stuff

John Taylor Gatto’s ‘Six Purposes of Schooling’ – here.

-> We discussed JTG during the call. This video is must-see, less than 15 minutes long.

Thinking 101 – here.

-> Three of the most important videos I have ever made.

Who’s Watching Me – here.

-> An introduction to the ‘trivium’ as I understand it.

NPC Meme – here.

-> Context in case it is needed

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