JLB MDC | S2 E13 | The Matrix [Mailing List Release]

Was the casting for The Matrix no mere ‘coincidence’?

The ‘humans as batteries’ motif: is this more than mere allegory?

Where does the concept of the ‘matrix’ come from and when was it first used in TV?


fuhng fron Chicago / California (thirty-first appearance)

Take No Gnosis from Birmingham (tenth appearance)


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Clips and Links

‘Spybreak!’ by The Propellerheads – here.

Scene from Commando – here.

Scene from Last Action Hero – here.

Wachowski siblings now sisters – here.

Production notes S2 E13. Recorded 10-Nov-2019. Released to Full Members 13-Nov-2019. Mailing List release 27-Nov-2019.


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