January 2020 Mailing List Release

If you are on this page, you’re probably already on the JLB Mailing List.

Each month this year I’ll send out an email to the list

to let them know  where to find exclusive material.

For January, I’m releasing two podcasts which,

apart from this Mailing List, are exclusive to Full Members of the site.

You can download or stream each file.

Sometimes Record Ep #0

Bill Hicks Alex Jones

‘Bill Hicks Alex Jones’

feat. Take No Gnosis

Recorded 1-Jan-2020 | Published 6-Jan-2020

Might ‘Person X is Person Y’ theory sweep the ACT realm in 2020?

What was the Waco Siege and why does it matter?

If the Sync Book guys have disappeared, who will pick up the slack?


Member Discord Call S2 E13

Review and analysis of The Matrix.

‘The Matrix’

feat. fuhng and Take No Gnosis

Was the casting for The Matrix no mere ‘coincidence’?

The ‘humans as batteries’ motif: is this more than mere allegory?

Where does the concept of the ‘matrix’ come from and when was it first used in TV?


Part 1

Part 2

The Aussie Dollar is Weak

Aussie Dollar plummeting against greenback.

As of February 2020, 1 Australian Dollar is equal to 0.67 US Dollars.

All Memberships for johnlebon.com are listed in Australian dollars.

If you are American, this is good news for you, because you get the same for less.

The AUD is also at five year lows against the Euro and three-year lows against the British Pound.

Again, this is good news for Europeans and Brits.

Take advantage while your currency while it is so much stronger than the weakling AUD!

New 2020 Membership tier

Designed for those who:

1) Prefer one-off payments over recurring monthly subscriptions

and / or

2) Care more about JLB’s new stuff than his old stuff

How does it work?

Unlike the Full Member and McMember tiers,

2020 Members will be able to make one single payment to get instant access

to the world’s best think-tank for skeptics and critical thinkers,

without any recurring subscription whatsoever.

2020 Members also get:

Their name in the credits, and

An invitation to the JLB Discord

Find out more here: 2020 Membership info page

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