End of Haze (Mailing List Release)

Where does one find the courage to stand in front of a room of random people
and try to make them laugh and/or cry?

What path in life takes a successful student who wants to be an astronomer
to a website full of people who no longer believe in outer space?

Why do some people on this very call believe that the end might be near…
quite literally?

Mailing List Release 20-May-2020

End of Haze

Feat The Portland Thinker + TNG + Mezzie


Part 1

Part 2

Mike G a.k.a. ThePortlandThinker

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Mike G Poetry channel – here.

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3/11 coronavirus pandemic

Topics include:

Where does the ‘coronavirus pandemic’ fit into the kosmic metascript?

When it comes to independent media, can we have our cake and eat it too?

Can the same nocturnal vision be considered, at the same time,
both a hellish nightmare and a wonderful dream?

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