Dave J &  The War Hoax [public release]

Dave J &  The War Hoax

Public release – May 2020


If war is a ‘hoax’, then why do some veterans come home injured,
and others not come home at all?

How could so many people be in on such a grand deception
and somehow keep it a secret?

What was it that led Dave to first start questioning things
like the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx?

Why did Dave quit the ‘truth’ scene in 2016,
and why did he recently return?

Special guest and world-famous ‘conspiracy theorist’ Dave J joined us
to answer these questions and so many more
from an eclectic panel of interlocutors.

As icing on the cake, this podcast was produced by Velocet,
who I cannot thank enough for his efforts.


(cumulative appearances on Member Skype/Discord calls including this one)

Dante from New York (six)

fuhng from Chicago (nineteen)

Hando from Estonia (two)

Mezzie from Victoria (twenty-seven)


Dave’s new channel

See here.

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John le Bon YouTube Review

John le Bon YouTube Review

John le Bon YouTube Review

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