Mailing List Release | May 12, 2021

Bonversation + Monkey Business

Bonversations is a new podcast series here at johnlebon.com

I interview some of the most interesting and insightful individuals in the ACT realm and beyond.

Previously only available to Members, I’m hereby releasing another episode to the Mailing List.

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I hope you enjoy!

PODCAST: Bonversations #08

with special guest Dave J

John le Bon and Dave J

Bonversations #08 – Dave J (8-May-2021)


How much can you discern about a person by their ‘tone’?

Was JonBenet Ramsey an entirely fabricated entity,
or are the photos published in the media based on a real person?

What is the real relationship between the colours we see,
and nanometres and wavelengths?

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VIDEO: Monkey Business Manifest

100th monkey effect

What is the ‘100th Monkey Theory’, where does it come from, and why should we care?

Is the ACT realm witnessing a sudden manifestation of independent thought and creativity?

Why do some people entertain the idea that ‘time’ is not as linear as we have been led to believe?

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With special guest Human Vibration

Human Vibration from Twitter

Bonversations #07 – Human Vibration (7-Mar-2021)


How does an intelligent but relatively normal person go from ‘researching Q’
to understanding ‘Nobody Died Nobody Got Hurt’ in the space of a week?

Is it possible that some Baby Hoaxes are more mature than others?

Are you open-minded to the idea that the bright lights above us
are much, much more than mere balls of burning gas?

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