In The Pipeline

Creative individuals generally tend to have more than one project on the go at any given point in time.

This page provides an overview of content which is currently in development and will eventually be made available to members of this site (and possibly beyond).

DinoSkeptic (film)

A feature-length documentary based on the journey by JLB and Lindsay the Silverfox into the heart of Australia to investigate the country’s biggest dinosaur discoveries.

More info: See this page or the website.

2001: A Hoax Odyssey (film)

A concept film dealing with synchromysiticism, real skepticism (specifically with regards to ancient history), and media fakery.

More info: See this page or the website.

AlterCos (film)

A short film focused on the field of ‘alternative cosmology’ and its recent impact on social media (including YouTube).

More info: See this page.