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Regarding ‘Mind Blow’

Comment from Nate, 24-Aug-2018, on Welcome to

I bet they* are after another hit of ‚Äúmind blow‚ÄĚ, and they are willing to go through just about anything(lol) for just one more fix.

*People who believe JLB is wrong about missiles being fake, but still continue to listen to JLB content anyway.

I remember hearing someone say how heroin dealers don’t have to advertise or push their product once a customer is hooked. Once a person is hooked, they will go through ridiculous lengths just to get more dope. Once a person is hooked, they would cross WWI battlefields, climb active volcanos, pay ridiculous prices, etc for just one fix. Heroin dealers have the problem that customer demand is always high, he could retire from the drug business and become a police officer and he will still have junkies banging on his door for the chance to get high.

Con artists have that problem sometimes too. Con artists let the mark convince himself of the scam, and so sometimes a con artist will rip someone off, but then the mark will still keep bugging the con man for another chance to get rich. Anyone with eyes should be able to see they got ripped off, but the mark doesnt want to see that, they want to believe their plan/dream/delusion. Plus, folks don’t like admitting they got tricked.

Marks are usually more intelligent than non-victims because an intelligent mark is able to tell himself a more convincing story. Marks sometimes want to make it rich soooo bad that their eyes will refuse to see they were ripped off. A mark would rather imagine that something went wrong during the last deal and that maybe THIS time they will get rich. Im pretty sure con men have to leave town sometimes because they are getting stalked by retarded marks bothering them for another shot.

I know a dude who believed he won the lottery in Africa. He lost his whole retirement fund trying to pay ‚Äúcustoms‚ÄĚ for his lottery winnings. It was so sad, that guy worked hard his whole life. Guess what? The dude is STILL trying to get to his lottery winnings. He wants to believe.

I admit, I love me some mind blow. That first missile video gave me a hell of a hit.

It seems like there are folks that can get a hit of mind blow off something, but then they don’t adjust their framework, they apparently don’t think about all the corollaries. For me personally, I enjoy the sort of mind blow that I can spend days or weeks thinking about what I can infer from that mind blow. For instance, its mind blowing that V2 rockets are an blatant joke, but its more mind blowing for me to think about the corollaries of that.


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