Tim Ozman

Tim Ozman is the president of the Infinite Plane Society.

JLB has been fortunate enough to chat with him on several occasions.

These conversations are listed below, from latest to earliest.

Each is available in full to Patrons of IPS and Members of johnlebon.com

3/11 Review

Podcast | 3/11 Review feat Tim Ozman and Fakeologist (6-Feb-2022)

How much do you remember about the days leading up to 3/11?

Is it possible that people like Klaus Schwab may be
more powerful than some folks give them credit for?

Why are there so many references to vaccines and infertility in
TV shows and other pop culture featuring 3/11 synchronicities?

Midnight in the Desert

Podcast | Midnight in the Desert w/ John le Bon (16-Apr-2020)

How far does the 3/11 ‘coronavirus’ rabbit hole go?

What is ‘Sync’ and who pioneered this field of inquiry?

Why do some people believe in the existence of a divine intelligence?

Sometimes Record #13

Sometimes Record #13 | Syncing the Pandemic (18-Mar-2020)

What do 9/11 and the coronavirus have in common…
apart from the obvious?

How is that ‘open border’ proponents are suddenly the biggest fans of closed borders?

What does Tim predict for 2020 and beyond?

Sometimes Record #04

Sometimes Record #04 | Culture and Subculture (22-Jan-2020)

What’s the deal with ‘Jonah the [so-called] scientist’?

Why do so many people in this scene want to drag one another down?

Does Tim really believe that Person X is Person Y?


Podcast | IPS and the Mandoozle Effect (19-Dec-2020)

How can controversial ideas be spread in a time of supposed ‘mass censorship’?

Is it wrong to make money while telling people the truth about media fakery?

Does anybody really believe that Justin Bieber and TheWeeknd are the same person?