Real or Hoax?

Every so often, a major Baby Hoax becomes the top story across the world, as it happens. If JLB is available at the time, he likes to give his own take on the event – live.

See the YouTube playlist here.

Six episodes of Real or Hoax? have aired to date. They are listed in reverse chronological order below.

London Bridge Terror (4-Jun-2017)

Lily Allen was right after all.

Manchester Ariana Grande Attack (23-May-2017)

Real or Hoax returns from hiatus with a ‘bang’!

Bastille Day Terror in France (15-Jul-2016)

Feel like you have been hit by a truck? Neither do these people.

Dallas Protest Police Shot by Snipers (8-Jul-2016)

It took just twenty minutes to shoot this one down.

Istanbul Airport Terror Bombing (29-Jun-2016)

You’d have to be a turkey to think the news never lies.

Orlando Florida Gay Club Shooting (12-Jun-2016)

Some people can be so intolerant – of those who question the news!