Greatest Hits

After uploading hundreds of YouTube videos over the past few years, even I have lost track of them.

On this page you’ll find YouTube videos which have been recommended by members of this site as ‘Greatest Hits’.

If you have your own suggestions to make, let us know in the comments section below ūüôā

Navy Veteran DISMANTLES the ‘War Veteran’ Hoax


JLB1863 – Navy Veteran DISMANTLES the ‘War Veteran’ Hoax (3-Sep-2018)

Listen to the full podcast here.

What the members said about the video:

This video with Dave Js audio is one of the most powerful pieces of material you have produced JLB. Anyone with a brain should be tempted to listen to the whole podcast and check out the website.

I think this is a great way to promote the agency.

-Super Agent Hando (#33)

I second that, this belongs in a JLB greatest hits playlist. Dave j’s dialogue is great, and the video clips make it even better.



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