‘Dinoskeptics’ – Documentary

Please see this page for the background information regarding the Dinosaurs of Queensland.

‘Dinoskeptics’ | Feature-length documentary due for release early 2023.

In April 2017, JLB set out on an eight-day roadtrip into the heart of the Australian outback to investigate the amazing dinosaur finds of the region. He was accompanied by Lindsay ‘the Silverfox‘ Johnson, an accomplished figure within the Australian independent media scene. The focal point of the journey was Winton, Queensland, a town promoted as the ‘dinosaur capital of Australia‘. Footage taken during this trip will be used as part of a feature-length documentary which is currently in post-production (under the working title of Dinoskeptics) and slated for release by March, 2021.

The original plan for the film involved JLB and his buddy Lucas making the journey out to Winton together – the entire concept was in fact the brainchild of Lucas himself, who pitched the idea to JLB mid-2016. The pair set out for Winton on 1-Jan-2017 but due to mechanical problems were forced to stay the night in Roma (about 500km west of Brisbane) and then return to Brisbane the next day. Owing to work and family commitments, Lucas was unable to make a second attempt in succession, and the trip was postponed indefinitely.

What happened next is the stuff of legend. See this post (both the video and comments below) to find out how the Dinoskeptics project was resurrected by the generous contributions of Dinoskeptic supporters around the world. The second roadtrip went ahead without a hitch, beginning on April 20 and concluding on April 28. Daily video updates were uploaded to this website each evening, and several extra videos have been released since Lindsay and JLB returned to Brisbane. More content from the trip is being released regularly, some of it exclusively for Full Members, some of it available to Free Members as well.

You can see the list of content published so far at the bottom of this page.

A roadtrip into the heart of Australia

To date, nothing like this has ever been done before. The AAoD Museum purports to attract tens of thousands of visitors each year, but an extensive websearch of related material yields no critical analyses of the museum, its holdings, or the claims made by its proprietors, staff or volunteers. Indeed, it does not appear that any documentary exists today which is skeptical of the claims made about dinosaurs by establishment experts. If you are aware of evidence to the contrary, please contact JLB via this page. In the meantime, the Dinoskeptics project represents a game-changing venture, one which will prove yet again that there exists a fundamental and significant difference between genuine skeptics/researchers (such as JLB), and conspiratards who think watching YouTube videos constitutes ‘research’.

How you can get involved

It is not too late for you to be a part of this ground-breaking project. The costs of the production phase (i.e. the roadtrip itself) were largely subsidised by supporters, but there remain other costs associated with the production which need to be covered. For instance, it is hoped that the final film will be entered into several regional film festivals, in Australia and around the world. These festivals have entrance fees. The more revenue generated via supporter contributions, the more festivals the film can be entered into.

Benefits for contributors will include early (and sometimes exclusive) access to new videos during post-production, your name in the credits of the final film (as well as any short videos released during post-production), a physical copy of the Official Blu-Ray DVD (including bonus features such as deleted scenes), and more.

Supporters who have already helped make this happen

Big Dave
Dante from New York
Typo Error (and/or his mate Phil)
Jimmy Scoular

Material released so far

Daily Updates

Day One – Welcome to the DinoSkeptic Roadtrip (20-Apr) | 30 minutes

Day Two – Roma to Blackall (21-Apr) | 8 minutes*

Day Three – Blackall Park & Steam Scourer (22-Apr) | 14 minutes*

Day Four – Lark Quarry – First Impressions (23-Apr) | 25 minutes*

Day Five – Kronosaurus Korner for Kids (24-Apr) | 13 minutes*

Day Six – AAoD Museum – First Impressions (25-Apr) | 12 minutes*

Day Seven – Pleasant, Educated, Well-Meaning Normies (26-Apr) | 28 minutes*

Day Eight – Sun Setting (27-Apr) | 42 minutes*

Post-Production Short Videos

#01 – Aussie Dinosaurs in Trouble Town (4-May) | 10 minutes

#02 – Log or Fossil (5-May) | 9 minutes

#03 – Raw: Tour of Winton Town (9-May)| 10 minutes*

#04 – Holotype Specimen Tour Overview (9-May) | 7 minutes*

Dinoskeptics (1st Attempt) Trilogy + Chat

Material released following the first attempted trip to Winton. All videos can be streamed in 1080p60 Full HD.

Day One (published 5-Jan-2017) | Running time: 25m*

Night One (published 6-Jan-2017) | Running time: 16m*

Day Two (published 7-Jan-2017) | Running time: 29m*

In-Car Chat (published 17-Jan-2017) | Running time: 5m*

Dinoskeptics Live

Live vodcasts streamed via google hangout in weeks leading up to the 1st attempt. Lucas and JLB discuss the Dinosaurs of Queensland, the logistics of getting to Winton, related topics, and also take viewers’ questions. All episodes available in both video and audio format.

Episode #1 – Welcome and Overview (6-Dec-2016) | Running time: 48m

Episode #2 – Winton Official Story (20-Dec-2016) | Running time: 81m

Episode #3 – Roadtrip Itinerary (24-Dec-2016) | Running time: 56m

Episode #4 – Science, Academia and Film (28-Dec-2016) | Running time: 88m

Other DinoSkeptic-Related Material

Listed chronologically.

JLBMember #02 | Lucas and JLB in Melbourne (25-Nov-2016) | Running time: 21m | Full and Free Members

JLBMember #04 | Do You See What I See? (15-Dec-2016) | Running time: 39m*

JLBMember #05 | Do You See What I See? [Pt. 2] (22-Dec-2016) | Running time: 54m*

JLB16100 | Channel Update + Exciting Dinosaur News (23-Dec-2016) | Running time: 17m

Dinoskeptics Clip #1 | Collecting the Dinocruiser (27-Dec-2016) | Running time: 6m

JLB16103 | JLB Gets Schooled By Normie (27-Dec-2016) | Running time: 1m

JLB16105 | Twas The Night Before Dinoskeptics (31-Dec-2016) | Running time: 9m

Dinoskeptics – Resurrection? (9-Jan-2017) | Running time: 20m

*Available only to Full Members of johnlebon.com, which costs about the same per week as one beer at an Aussie pub!