Key Topics

This site hosts content which traverses a wide spectrum of subjects and themes, but there are several key topics into which JLB has delved further than most. Please see the relevant pages listed below for more information.


There is so much more to the story than even bitcoin believers seem to realise.

Bon Earth Model

Unfortunately, the mind virus of Flat Earth has misled many well-meaning people into believing that they either have to accept official cosmology (i.e. NASA) or Flat Earth. In fact, FE is only one alternative cosmology among many (and it is arguably one of the worst); there are other alternative cosmologies out there worth consideration. The Bon Earth model is an empirical, logical model which works. No need for ‘earth rotation’, no need for ‘gravity’, no need for sky denial, no need for flight denial. Just the empirical evidence and logic.

Cavendish Experiment

Scientists know how the mass of Mars. How did they determine this mass? It turns out that they first needed to find out the mass of Earth. So how did they do that? It turns out that anybody can do it for themselves, and you don’t even need electricity. Just some heavy balls hanging from a shed roof and a telescope. Yeah, science!


Dinosaurs are a multi-billion dollar industry. Films, books, toys; dinosaur promotion is a license to print money. Is it possible, just possible, that there is a financial incentive for some people to embellish stories about dinosaur discoveries? Perhaps it is worth looking into the history of dinosaurs, which begins in the 1840s, when they were first discovered, after millions of years of evading detection. Yes, the 1840s…

Flat Earth Debunking

There seems to be two types of people who seriously consider the potential merits of the ‘Flat Earth’ belief system: open-minded, genuine skeptics; and lost, lonely people who will cling onto anything which makes them feel special. Sadly the second group vastly outnumber the first, in real life and online. It has fallen to the first group to debunk the arguments of the second, and JLB has done more than most to demonstrate the many errors and blatant contradictions of the leading Flat Earth belief promoters.

‘Illuminati Card Game’ Analysis

This 14-part series provides the most comprehensive analysis of the ‘Illuminati Card Game‘ available anywhere on the internet.

Nikola Tesla Mythology

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant inventor who developed many technologies which are still in use today – or, at least, this is what many people seem to take for granted, normies and conspiritards alike. Do these Tesla admirers have any actual evidence for their beliefs? It turns out that few if any have ever bothered to actually read Tesla’s own words. This is why many of them genuinely believe that Tesla developed ‘free energy’ technology, and that he was run out of town by the Rockefellers. Yeah, and Homer Simpson really works at the nuclear power plant.

‘Paid Shills’ Meme

‘He is a shill!’, ‘She is a shill!’ – Everybody is a shill on the internet, if you listen to the leading conspiratards who seem convinced that the government is out to get them, and out to get you, too. Once again, the genuine skeptic has to ask the question: what is the evidence?

Sydney Siege Hoax

Arguably Australia’s biggest terrorism hoax of all time, and certainly one of the more memorable antipodean media events so far this century, the Sydney Siege of late 2014 captivated audiences around the world. The flash-bang grenades, the traumatised Asian cafe worker, the smiling homosexual victim and his laughing father, the flower memorial, the baddie buried in an unmarked grave, this one had it all. To make things even better, the mainstream media in Australia barely bothered to hide their involvement in the charade, and in fact took up a large place in the official narrative of the event.


Almost everybody today believes him or herself to be ‘skeptical’. What is the difference between believing oneself to be ‘skeptical’, and the actual practice of skepticism?


“The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.”

Thinking: Reason and Evidence

Most peasants (i.e. not the elite) today are not taught the first thing about logic or critical thinking while at school. There is an obvious reason why this is so. If you ruled over countless humans and reaped the rewards of their labour, would you want them to know how to think for themselves? Of course not. The good news for the peasants is that an individual can learn how to think critically, if only they try. The good news for TPWRTS is that by the time a human reaches adulthood, they are unlikely to ever bother trying to learn how to think, often because they already believe themselves to be wise.

Transgender Agenda (Australia)

Official statistics reveal that ‘transgender’ individuals commit suicide approximately five times more often than the general population. At schools across Australia, psychiatrists, proud marxists, and an assortment of other charlatans and degenerates are attempting to teach children, at school, that transgenderism is normal and healthy. If you are not an utter retard, you can see an obvious problem here. If you care even a little bit about innocent children in schools today, or about the welfare of our society, then this is a topic which should be of concern to you.