Super Saturday – This Weekend (July 30)

This weekend will mark two weeks since the last Super Saturday.

I’d say we’re about due for another round of Member Calls.

So this coming Saturday, that’s what we’ll do.

You can come along to join in, listen live, or simply take part in the unrecorded sections of the calls.

Or you can wait a few days and listen to the official upload for the Member Discord Call series.

The most recent episode, S3 E18 ‘Mental Problems‘, received some terrific feedback, and caused something of a stir in our little corner of the internet.

This time around we likely won’t be accommodating any non Members on the call.

Every now and then they can add some spice to the place, and that’s a good thing.

At the same time, the Member Calls have developed their own flow, their own energy, and their own etiquette.

Outsiders, even when well-meaning, are not always able to ‘read the room’ and go with the flow.

Especially if they have come along with something of a bee in their John le Bonnet.

So if you just want to join in for a leisurely chat, no dramas or problems, you know where to find us this weekend.

There’s no hard or fast rules to any of this, we’re just a bunch of folks using the internet to chat about topics we’re interested in.

If you do come along, I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself, but if not, no biggie, I’m sure there’ll be another Super Saturday a few weeks later.

Call 1 | Suits Australasia


Call 2 | Suits America


If you need a fresh discord link, just email me: johnlebon123 at gmail

Hope to see you there ūü•ā


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