Mailing List Post – July 2018


This is the first of what I plan to become a monthly series of Mailing List Posts.

The primary purpose of these MLPs shall be to keep non-Members abreast of what is taking place here at They will be available publicly but backdated so that only those on the Mailing List will be notified of their publication.

All independent content creators ought to put effort into building up their mailing list. Up until this point in time, it is something I have largely neglected. Instead I have continued to post intermittent videos to YouTube, although less so than in the past.

In time I hope to move away from YouTube entirely. The less I rely on that platform to share my (often-controversial) ideas, the better. Moreover, the YouTube audience is largely comprised of conspiratards and other victim-mentality types.

If, like me, you believe that our mental states are impacted by the mindsets of the people we mix with, then you will understand why I want to minimise my exposure to the YouTube ‘truth’ scene, and increase my time spent among positive folk.

My priority right now is to take responsibility for my own life and try to improve it. It seems that the more time I spend with positive and friendly people, the easier my mission becomes.

Reconcile the Dark

Two of my favourite topics to research and discuss over the past 12 months have been the History Hoax and Sync.

After watching/listening to this piece, you will likely believe one of two things:

a) I have stumbled onto something truly significant, or

b) I have lost my mind

You be the judge.

This piece available in both video and audio-only format.


Gobekli Tepe; Epic of Gilgamesh; Joe Rogan; Scripture; 9/11; and much more.


JLBA#12 – Reconcile The Dark (28-Jun-2018)



Stream here or download here (right-click and ‘save as’).


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Links, citations, and related material

Rae West asks ‘what’s your evidence’ (link)

Max Ratt’s show about the Moon Landings (link)

Jan Irvin’s appearance on The Sync Book (link)

Wikipedia on Gobekli Tepe (link)

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Genesis passage (link)

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‘Reconcile the Dark’ | Recorded: 27-Jun-2018. Produced and uploaded: 28-Jun-2018.
Released to public via Mailing List Post on 10-Jul-2018.

Member Skype Call #11 | Social Health and Wellbeing (11-Mar-2018)

No matter who you think is running the grand show, only one person is responsible for what goes in your mouth, or what you do with your body.

If you honestly believe otherwise, then I suggest you unsubscribe from this Mailing List.

Those who encourage you to blame somebody else for your own behaviour are enabling your poor lifestyle choices.

That is not the kind of mindset I want to be around (online or ‘in real life’).

I take responsibility for myself and encourage you to do the same.

By the end of this call, you’ll understand why.

The human body wants to be healthy, and when it is unwell it wants to heal itself; in this call we spoke with a 60-year-old man who has the physique (and spirit) to prove it.


Stream here or download here (right click and ‘save as’).


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