Membership FAQs

JLB Membership – Frequently Asked Questions

A brief list of commonly (and not-so-commonly) asked questions regarding JLB Membership.

Q: Why should I sign up for a JLB Full Membership?

A: Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t.

JLBMember content is generally not intended for public consumption, and for good reason. The average person alive today is not capable of questioning even the most basic aspects of their own reality, and the information available to Full Members would be of little (if any) benefit to such people. At best, it may go over their heads entirely and be a waste of their time and money; at worst, it may startle, confuse, and even frighten them. Like a child being shown the inside of an abattoir.

‘Truth’ n00bs are encouraged to properly familiarise themselves with the extensive JLB back-catalogue before purchasing to access JLBMember material. Please read ’37 Things Normies Believe’ to get a better understanding of whether or not Full Membership is suited to you. If you agree with more than half of the items on that list, you are strongly cautioned against signing up as a Full Member of this site.

Q: Why is a Full Membership so expensive?

A: It isn’t. 

At present exchange rates it works out to about $6 USD per week.

This is less than most people spend on junk/fast food. It is also less than many people spend on coffee and/or snacks every day. It is even less than many people spend on mainstream media subscriptions and Hollywood film DVDs.

If a person can afford to poison their bodies and minds on a regular basis, then they can afford access to thoroughly-researched, exhaustively-referenced, evidence-based, wide-ranging, well-presented, deep skepticism multimedia content. Ergo, anybody can afford access to JLBMember content.

Most people, however, don’t really value this kind of material enough to pay for it. The good news is that for such people, the entire back-catalogue of JLB material remains available for free, with even more public content to be released in the future.

Why should I have to pay for the truth?

A: You can’t pay for the truth.

The information and insights provided at this website are available to anybody who takes the time and puts in the effort to do their own genuine research. There is nothing within the JLBMember material which you can not discover for yourself if you:

Read an array of books, scientific papers, academic studies, and other literature;

View countless ‘documentaries’, symbolism-laden films, historical footage, and other assorted videos;

Listen to a wide cross-section of podcasts, recorded speeches, and other audio material;

Engage with a diverse range of fellow humans, and implement intentional methods of studying their behaviour and mindset; and

Practice various thinking patterns and mind-altering techniques which facilitate inner contemplation and reflection.

These days, who has the time? With work, family, and regular socialising filling up their weekly schedules, few people now seem to read any non-fiction books, let alone engage in the genuine research methods mentioned above. Of those who honestly prioritise serious research as more than a mere pastime, how many have the inclination to produce content for others (and in doing so reconsider, revise, and memorise the new information they have gleaned)? Sadly, not many.

In signing up for a JLB Full Membership, you are not paying for ‘the truth’ – you paying for a service. That service is the presentation of fresh, multimedia content which you will find interesting and/or entertaining and/or informative. Again: you are not paying for ‘the truth’. ‘The truth’, insofar as it can be claimed to exist, is free, and it is eternal. ‘The truth’ cannot be transmitted from one person to another via a dot-pixel screen – it can only be discovered (or rediscovered) on an individual, personal level.

While all claims made by JLB are based on empirical and/or historical, objective facts, with full references and citations provided, JLB himself does not and can not offer you ‘the truth’, for he does not even claim to have found all of it himself.

What this website offers is deep skepticism of the official stories, narratives, and common myths which most people in society today believe. JLBMember material is premium presentation of the methods and results of this skepticism, designed for an audience who value it. To reiterate, Full Members are not paying for ‘the truth’, but for access to the best (and perhaps only) deep skepticism currently available on the web. Thoroughly-researched, exhaustively-referenced, evidence-based, wide-ranging, well-presented, deep skepticism multimedia. A service worth $5/week for only a small fraction of people alive today.

Why should I spend more on JLB Full Membership than other, similar independent media sites?

A: There are no similar sites to this on the internet.

There do exist other, independent researchers who sometimes cover similar topics, a few of which are listed below for comparison, but none of them engage in the kind of deep skepticism which sets this site apart.

Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media: USD $18/month | $120/year

Jan has done some interesting work in the past. He is both an independent researcher and interviewer, with an extensive back-catalogue of interesting material. Irvin collaborates with other researchers such as Hans Utter and Joe Atwill. Irwin’s material on logical thinking (via the ‘Trivium Method’), intelligence agency ties to 1960s ‘counterculture’, and general observations about society today are worthwhile introductions to those topics. A more thorough evaluation and summary of Irvin’s work will soon be made available on the Resources page.

Note that Jan does not generally delve into contemporary or historical hoaxes. For comparison, consider the JLB Hierarchy of Hoaxes. If you like original, in-depth research and presentations, with proper citations, on the types of topics covered by Irvin, a subscription to his site represents good value. However, as far as real skepticism goes, Irvin is to JLB as apples are to oranges. Both apples and oranges are tasty and nutritious but they are not the same.

Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis: USD $5/month | $60/year

Jay has done some terrific work and is well worth listening to. He is a genuine researcher (i.e. somebody who actually reads and studies books) as evidenced by his analysis of Carroll Quigley’s ‘Tragedy and Hope’. Dyer’s material on the esoteric meanings of symbolism embedded in Hollywood films is exceptional. Dyer’s demeanour is pleasant, while his celebrity impersonations and other high jinks make for entertaining viewing/listening. A more thorough evaluation and summary of Dyer’s work will soon be made available on the Resources page.

Note that Jay does not generally delve into contemporary or historical hoaxes. For comparison, consider the JLB Hierachy of Hoaxes. If you like deconstruction of film presented in a digestible and entertaining fashion, a subscription to Dyer’s site represents considerable value.  However, as far as real skepticism goes, Dyer is to JLB as chalk is to cheese. Both chalk and cheese are useful but they are not the same.

Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats (THC): USD $5/month | $60/year

Greg has compiled an impressive back-catalogue of interviews with some of the more interesting names in alternative research. He also has a habit of interviewing clowns who promote utter nonsense such as ‘ancient aliens’. Carlwood’s interviewing style is easy to listen to and his post-production work on the podcasts puts the technical quality of his work a class above most others. A more thorough evaluation and summary of Carlwood’s work will soon be made available on the Resources page.

Note that Greg is an interviewer, not a researcher. If you like cordial, laid-back conversations between alternative (and ‘alternative’) thinkers on a broad range of topics, a subscription to Carlwood’s site represents good value. However, as far as real skepticism goes, Carlwood is to JLB as black is to white. Black and white… you get the picture.

Q: Suppose I sign up and decide I don’t want to continue as a member. What then?

A: Cancel your subscription. It is very easy to do so.

Q: Do I have to give you my credit card details?

A: I don’t want your credit card details.

Payments are facilitated via Paypal i.e. offsite. Once you click ‘select’ on the Full Membership option, your browser is redirected to Paypal’s secure payment portal. Paypal then sends me an email notification to inform me that somebody has signed up to the website (or upgraded their membership); this notification includes your email address and ‘customer name’ but does not include your credit/debit card details or your address.

NOTE: The information sent to me by Paypal does include a ‘customer name’. I have no way of knowing if this is your ‘real’ name, and I do not care either way. I do not implement or practice any method for verifying the ‘customer name’ and have no reason to do so. If you are concerned about online anonymity, I recommend you avoid purchasing anything online, including a Full Membership to this site.

That said, I don’t personally see why somebody would trust a corporation (i.e. a non-living, legal ‘person’, such as their Internet Service Provider or banking institution) over somebody who shows his face and regularly meets up with his subscribers in real life. It is a common belief among members of the so-called ‘truth community’ (and related ‘alternative’ scenes) that the government is collating information on ‘truthers’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’ for some nefarious purpose (such as rounding them up and putting them in FEMA camps). If this were the case, then one might imagine that YouTube subscriptions and viewing habit data would be more useful to TPWRTS than the subscription list of this website. Ergo, if these lists exist, then you are probably already on them. Sorry.

Paypal obviously have my personal details (as do Podbean, and Vimeo, and my webhosting provider) and nobody has knocked on my door yet. Not that I really have a door, so to speak, since I am currently living out of my suitcase, but I digress. My legal identity is known by many, and (no offense) I have done far more to expose the Lie System than the vast majority of people in this scene combined, and so far I have not received so much as a single legitimate death threat. I am not worried about ‘the government’ getting my details, but I remember a time when I was, so I fully understand that some people may be too trepidatious to sign up as a Full Member at this point in time.

For this reason I am happy to facilitate payment via Bitcoin. Not that I think this makes you any more anonymous to TPWRTS than using Paypal, but I can see why some might. Please see the contact page for my email address.

Q: Is membership entirely online, or do we receive something in the mail, like a membership card?

A: No, membership does not include a physical membership card.

Supporters of the Dinoskeptic Roadtrip will however be sent physical copies of the DVD once the film is ready for release.

Please send any further inquiries to email address listed on the contact page. Cheers.