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Why is this level called ‘McMembership’?

Because it is like a ‘McValue Meal’ for your mind.

McMembership may be tasty, but it’s not as intellectually nutritious as Full Membership.

At the same time, the devil haunts a hungry man.

Perhaps some fast brain-food is better than no brain-food at all.

The typical McValue Meal in the U.S. today costs about $6.

This loosely equates to $9.11 in Australian Dollars.

McMembership is primarily intended for people who are:

i) Unable to afford the ~5 US Dollars/week for Full Membership, or

ii) New to the concepts and ideas discussed here at

Before you jump into the deep end of the pool, it makes sense to dip you toes in the water…

What comes with McMembership?

1 – The Honk Pack

2 – A heap of Member podcasts

3 – Most Popular

4 – JLB’s Hoax Hierarchy

5 – Illuminati Card Game Analysis

6 – History Hoax Series

7 – Sync and Simulacra

8 – Various Topics

9 – Meta Fe Series

1 – The Honk Pack

The Honk Pack comes with everything you need to understand the Clown World and Honk Pill concepts.

So you rejected the blue pill, took a few red pills, and then suddenly found yourself addicted to black pills?

How did it to come to this? Nobody told you it was going to be this way.

Well now, what to do next, once you realise that you live in a freakin’ mad-house?

The Honk Pill will cure what ails you — or your money back!*

*Not really, though. Honk Honk.

Video/podcast | The Power of Honk (19-Sep-2019) | 94 minutes

If a tree gets hit by a car in the woods, does it make a sound?

What do Eckhart Tolle and Pepe the Frog have in common?

Is it worth seeking peace if one is living in a madhouse?

Article | The Art of Honk War by Some Zoo (6-Sep-2019) | 11,000 words

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness.

Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.

Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.

Post | The Clown World and the Honk Pill (16-Aug-2019) | 2,000 words

A contextual overview of the history and meaning of the ‘Honk Pill’ and ‘Clown World’ concepts.

The Honk Pack is available to McMembers right now.

2 – A heap of Member podcasts

Members of discuss a range of topics in a constructive and collegiate fashion.

MSC #06 | Higher Intelligence (4-Feb-2018) | 116 minutes

MSC #10 | Empiricism & Philosophy (4-Mar-2018)

MSC #11 | Social Health & Wellbeing (11-Mar-2018) | 135 minutes

MSC #21 | Crowley & Magick (3-Jun-2018) | 144 minutes

MSC #25 | Jan Irvin & Gnostic Media (1-Jul-2018) | 154 minutes

MSC #29 | Jay Dyer & Esoteric Hollywood (29-Jul-2018) | 153 minutes

MDC #0 | ‘We Have Lift-Off’ (25-Aug-2018) | 137 minutes

MDC Bonus | 9/11 Sirius Special (9-Sep-2018)

Open House #04 | The Future You (7-Oct-2018)

3 – Most Popular

Video/podcast | 37 Things Normies Believe – Review (Part #1) | 82 minutes

Article | The Wizards of New York (Pt 1)

Article | Transcending 9/11 (Pt 1)

Video/Podcast | The Conspiracy Ego Trip Framework (Pt 1) | 93 minutes

4 – JLB’s Hoax Hierarchy

McMembers enjoy access to both the Toddler level and Kiddy level of the JLB Hoax Hierarchy.

Each level has its own dedicated page which goes into detail about the relevant Hoaxes.

Kiddy Hoaxes | 5,000 words

Toddler Hoaxes | 2,000 words

5 – ‘Illuminati Card Game’ Analysis

You’ve heard of the Illuminati Card Game, but do you know what the game is really all about?

Part IIntroduction and Overview (21-Nov-2017) | 1,000 words

Part IISome Well-Known ‘Coincidences’ (21-Nov-2017) | 2,000 words

6 – History Hoax Series

History is a HOAX. That’s a fact.

But I don’t expect you to agree with me.

Not until you’ve seen the research for yourself…

…which, as a McMember, is exactly what you’ll be able to do.


Article #19 | The History Hoax – A Primer (5-Jul-2017) | 1,000 words

Article #20 | The History of ‘History’ (6-Jul-2017) | 3,000 words

Article #30 | The History of ‘Histories’ (24-Oct-2017) | 5,000 words

FMVU #03 | Is ‘Ancient Greece’ Make-Believe? (15-Nov-2017) | 57 minutes

Article #36 | Burning the Library of Alexandria [Part I] (28-Dec-2017) | 5,000 words

7 – Sync and Simulacra

If you’ve read The Sync Book, then you probably already ‘get it’.

If not, then your entire reality is about to change.

For better or for worse? I offer no promises…

JLB1724 | What Does ‘Coincidence’ Mean to You? (9-Mar-2017) | 15 minutes

JLB1733 | ‘9/11 in Sync’: Coincidence and Meaning in Art (4-Apr-2017) | 10 minutes

8 – Various Topics

So many rabbit holes, so little time…

Post #24 | The Practice of Skepticism (15-Aug-2018) | 4,500 words

Article #40 | ‘Outer Space’ vs Unicorns (26-Feb-2018) | 5,000 words

JLBA #17 | The Non-Doomer (Beyond the Black Pill) (13-Dec-2018) | 37 minutes

JLBA #01 | What Effect Does This Have? (9-Jul-2017) | 9 minutes

FMVU #04 | Who’s Watching Me? (17-Jan-2018) | 22 minutes

FMVU #02 | Grande Terror Hoax: Conspiratards vs Normies (25-May-2017) | 16 minutes

FMVU #01 | War Hoax Pt 1: Introduction (12-May-2017) | 51 minutes

JLBM #03 | Blue Pill – Red Pill – Black Pill? (13-Dec-2016) | 62 minutes

JLBM #16 | Neil deGrasse Tyson in Brisbane (24-Jul-2017) | 13 minutes

9 – Meta Fe Series

Much can be learned from studying the social dynamics at play in the Flat Earth subculture.

This is regardless of what one might happen to personally believe about the shape of the earth.

If you have any interest in sociology, psychology, or ‘conspiracy culture’, you’ll love this series.

Episode #0 | Sociology and Psychology of Flat Earth (25-Oct-2016) | 3 hours

Episode #00 | Are Flat Earth Leaders Psychopaths? (7-Nov-2016) | 3 hours

Episode #000 | Why Do FE Leaders Censor Skepticism? (14-Nov-2016) | 4 hours

Episode #1 | ‘As The Potato Turns’ (12-Dec-2016) | 2.5 hours


That’s over thirty hours’ worth of viewing/listening (and plenty of reading).

All available to all McMembers right now.

For the cost of one McValue meal, this is the best deal in town…

(other than Full Membership, of course).

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