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One of the best things about is the wide array of interesting individuals which the website has attracted from around the world.

Some members are active in both the Member Calls and the comment sections, some prefer to stick to just the comments, and some remain entirely anonymous.

People like Mezzie, fuhng, Chad, and others, have appeared in so many Member Skype/Discord Calls that long-term members will have become father familiar with them as individuals.

Who hasn’t grown to adore:

Mezzie’s sunny disposition and laughter, or

fuhng’s silky-smooth but all-too-brief interjections, or

Chad’s calm demeanour and borderline-naive anecdotes about his attempts to share skeptical ideas with his friend Ernest?

And these are just the three Members who have appeared in the most Member Calls. There is also a growing number of occasional interlocutors who have already left a positive impression on this place, as individuals and as a whole.

Moreover, some of the most insightful research and intriguing opinions offered on the site so far have come not from JLB but from the dozens of Members who have heloed to make this place what it is.

Therefore has grown to become much bigger than the guy known as JLB, who is merely one cog in the wheel of a far grander operation.

The Member Profile section is a place for those who wish to do so* to share more information about themselves and the journey which led them here.

Each Full Member who writes their own profile will be given their own Member Profile page, so that readers can leave comments and questions, specific to that individual.

For each Member Profile page, the Member gets to decide if their page is available to:

The public i.e. anybody

Only to Free Members (and above)

Only to Part Members (and above)

Only to Full Members

If you are a Member of this site and would like your own Profile page, simply follow this two-step process:

1) Type one up

2) Post your Profile as a comment on this page OR email it to me directly

And voila. That’s it.

If you ever want to make additions or edits to your Profile page, simply post the updated Profile on this page, or email the updated Profile to me, and I will amend you page for you asap.

Feel free to post links to your own website(s) or social media account(s) or anything else you think might be appropriate.

What to include

Ideally, a Member Profile will include the following:

*Where in the world you call ‘home’.

*When you first became interested in so-called ‘alternative ideas’ or so-called ‘conspiracy theories’.

*The different rabbit holes you have traveled down, the different outlets or personalities you have followed (or still follow).

*When you first began engaging with JLB material via this site and/or the YouTube Channel.

*Your opinion on skepticism and the value (or otherwise) it might offer somebody not already familiar with these ideas and philosophies.

And then, if you feel like going into more detail, I think most readers will be interested in things like:

*Your background: where you grew up, what kind of family/community/country you grew up in (religious, atheistic, conservative, progressive, etc)

*Your view on the world: Is this a time for pessimism? Or optimism? Do you look forward to the future?

*Your experiences with normies: What impact has your interest in these kinds of topics or ideas had on your ‘real life’?

Finally, if you like to give live life on the wild side, I personally think it would be cool if you include:

*Some of the topics on which you disagree with JLB and/or the majority of the Members on this site.

*Some of the topics  about which you have changed your mind since becoming a Member of this site.

*Where you expect yourself and/or this site and/or the broader ACT Realm to be in 1/5/10 years.

I have already posted my own bio, which includes far more information for Full Members than the public, here.

You can treat your Member Profile as a complete bio (as I have done), or merely a brief outline of yourself, or anything in between.

You also get to decide if the comments are open on your page. My hope is that most people will nominate ‘yes’, as it will make for interesting conversation.

And if you ever cancel your membership to this site, you will get to decide whether your Member Profile remains as it is, or if the page is closed / deleted.

Basically your Member Profile is your page, so you get to decide what is done with it, now and if/when you leave.

As the administrator and publisher of the site I reserve the right to refuse illegal or defamatory material or links, bla bla bla bling bling bling bla, you get the idea.

But let’s have some fun with the Member Profile idea. This website has attracted some of the brightest minds in the online world of ‘alternative research’, ‘media fakery’, ‘sync’, the broader so-called ‘conspiracy culture’, and of course what I refer to as Real Skepticism.

As a Full Member of, you now get to have your own page ‘front and square’ on the site of the World’s Leading Skeptics. Why not take advantage of it?

*Of course, it ought to go without saying that there is no obligation for any individual to have their own Member Profile page. Many people would prefer to remain anonymous and that is completely understandable. For those who are interested, this facility is now available, and ready to go ūüôā


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