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Covid Positive

Covid positive

How do you honestly feel about the world right now?

Have JLB and friends been a little too ‘negative’ lately?

What’s the probable future of this website?

JLBA #55Covid Positive (5-Dec-2020) | 30 minutes

Vaccines, Truthers, Aliens (Yes)

The vaccines are here, apparently. So what?

Is ‘science fiction’ more than mere entertainment?

When did JLB… y’know… lose his mind and stuff?

JLBA #56Vaccines, Truthers, Aliens (Yes) (7-Dec-2020) | 84 minutes

The Thirteenth Floor Revisited

Do we live in a so-called ‘simulation’?

Why do the people around us behave no different to bots?

What do you know, deep down, about this place?

JLBA #57The Thirteenth Floor Revisited (8-Dec-2020) | 43 minutes

Vaccine Fear:
Why Are They Spreading It?

The news appears to be spreading fear, uncertainty,
and doubt about the coronavirus vaccines being rolled out.

In popular sci-fi televisions shows of the past few decades,
the idea has been seeded that these vaccines will cause infertility.

The guys behind the depop agenda are represented as having good intentions,
just like our friends at the World Economic Forum with their ‘Great Reset’ plans.

My question is: why?

JLBA #58Vaccine Fear: Why Are They Spreading It? (10-Dec-2020) | 49 minutes

What If No One’s Listening?

What if no One's Listening

There are signs all around us.
Do you care? Do I care?

The bible is totally crazy, right?

This one is not for the snowflakes.

JLBA #59 – What If No One’s Listening? (14-Dec-2020) | 29 minutes

The Missing Sync (Part 8)

The Missing Sync Part 8

Back to the Future (Part 2) is once again on the agenda.

‘Nobody calls me chicken!’

Finally the Peppers Hotel is starting to make some sense…

JLBA 42h – The Missing Sync (Part 8) (16-Dec-2020) | 54 minutes

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