2021 Members

2021 Members

2021 Membership is designed for those who:

1) Prefer one-off payments over recurring monthly subscriptions

and / or

2) Care more about JLB’s new stuff than his old stuff

How does it work?

Unlike the monthly Full Member tier,

2021 Members will be able to make one single payment to get instant access

to the world’s best think-tank for skeptics and critical thinkers,

without any recurring subscription whatsoever.

2021 Members also get:

Their name in the credits, and

An invitation to the JLB Discord

What’s the catch?

2021 Members only gain access to material published

during the calendar year 2021.

If you want access to pre-2021 archives, you’ll need to consider:

Full Membership (full archive)


You’ll also score access to:

*All content published on johnlebon.com in December, 2020.

[See the list of content already available right here]

*Full access to the 15-hour mega Member podcast, Sometimes Record #33.

Sometimes Record 33 - Where to Begin?

This is the perfect way for you to get up to speed with the kinds of things we discuss at johnlebon.com

Fifteen people from around the world covering all kinds of topics, including:

Do we live among bots?

Is it possible that some species of animals we see in zoos or on TV do not really exist?

Why do some ‘conspiracy’ aware people seem happy, while so many others seem sad?

Are we truly in the biblical ‘end times‘ and if not, then what might be coming next?

And so, so much more.

Fifteen hours divided into fifteen files, featuring fifteen people who no longer trust the TV.

What are you waiting for?


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