John le Bon is the World’s Leading Skeptic

Dinohoax expert
YouTuber, podcaster, and writer

Where to find John le Bon material?

See the John le Bon YouTube channel. Hundreds of videos.

See the John le Bon Backup YouTube channel. Very important.

See the John le Bon Podbean account. Dozens of podcasts.

See the John le Bon ‘The Higherside Chats’ appearance. Tens of thousands of listens.

See the John le Bon ‘Occulture’ appearance. Thousands of listens.

See the John le Bon ‘Infinite Plane Society’ appearance. Untold listens.

See the John le Bon Twitter account. Very few tweets.

See the John le Bon Medium account. Very few articles.

See the John le Bon BitChute account. Very few videos.

See the most recent John le Bon Fakeologist mentions.

See all of these links at the John le Bon Linktree page.

See the John le Bon Patreon (no longer in use, please don’t sign up).

Super Agent Jon le Bon by Alex A

A Canadian fellow named Alex A writes and illustrates
a comic book series about a Super Agent named Jon le Bon.

Jon le Bon or John le Bon?
Jon le Bon and the Brain of the Apocalypse.

I have never met Alex A and had not heard of him
prior to beginning my YouTube channel.

However, after I learned about Alex A’s series,
I purchased a copy of the first comic:
‘Jon le Bon and the Brain of the Apocalypse’.

It is very well-written and illustrated and I’m happy to endorse it here.

See the Jon le Bon comic official website.

See the Jon le Bon comic Amazon page.

See the Jon le Bon Groupe Modus page.

See the Jon le Bon comic facebook page.

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Images of JLB

Here are some of the images I found when googling ‘John le Bon’

John le Bon from a beautiful park in Brisbane, Australia.
John le Bon in Brisbane.

This one is from winter 2016. I was about 28 or 29 at the time.

John le Bon in a Masonic hall.
John le Bon in rural Queensland.

This one is from the Dinoskeptic Roadtrip.
We visited a cafe which had been built in an old Masonic hall.

John le Bon won some money on Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao.
John le Bon at Suncorp Stadium.

This one is from July 2017, not long before my 30th birthday.

John le Bon and Gino from Eccentric Views youtube channel.
John le Bon on the International Space Station.

This one is from early 2018. I was 30 at the time. That’s my friend Gino.

Website banner: Compilation of various images related to the themes and philosophies of johnlebon.com. Created by John le Bon.

Website background: From a film called ‘The Thirteenth Floor’.



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