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The beauty of posting comments on is that you do not have to deal with the conspiritards, normies, trolls, and other riff-raff commonly found in the YouTube comments section. All comments left on this site are replied to directly by John le Bon. New JLBSelect videos are published on a (roughly) weekly basis and include insights, commentary, and behind-the-scenes updates not usually included in publicly distributed videos.

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For the cost of about one Melbourne coffee per week, you get access to videos/podcasts/articles not available anywhere else. Premium content for a premium audience. Deep skepticism above and beyond anything to be found among the general garbage parading itself as ‘truth’ on YouTube. JLBMember videos are hosted on JLB’s paid Vimeo account. Some may be made available, on delay, to the JLB YouTube account(s), but most will remain available only via Full Membership of this site.

Before you sign up for a Full Membership, please read ’37 Things Normies Believe’ and make sure that this is the kind of material you want access to. Literally every single item on that list can and will be exposed, critiqued and debunked via the JLBMember video series. The rabbit hole goes deep. Ask yourself how deep you are willing to go before you hand over your money, because refunds are very unlikely. Do yourself a favour and read that article thoroughly before proceeding to payment.

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